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Jennifer (jenny_fur) wrote,
@ 2004-06-18 18:13:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar on Me

    it's a hard knock life
    greetings. well i'm pretty disappointed right now. my dad is going to phoenix, arizona and california for a convention for his work. i've been begging him to let me go too. well, today, he said, "hey, jennifer, do you still want to go with me? i can get you a ticket!" i got really excited and started packing, but then mom came home and said ABSOLUTELY not because my grandparents were here, and i only get to see them once a year. i tried to tell her that they were going to be here for 3 more weeks but she got furious. damn! so, i have to stay here of course. at least my trip to california is sorta coming up. 27 more days.
    so, you wish to know what's been going on in my life? eh probably not, but i'll tell you anyway because i don't have anything better to do than update this stupid journal thingy. yesterday natalie and i went to the west and north softball game. problem was it was freezing and my feet (i was wearing sandals) and my knees (oddly enough) were so cold. we said a quick hi to whitney before we left. i wanted to say hi to angela but this mean lady person said we couldn't talk. so natalie and i had a few more lewis and clark expeditions and then we decided to pick up her friend beales. we went to shopko and stole jellybeans by storing them in natalie's hood (heh!) and then we had a waterfight in the fountain at grandview. but, we kinda ran into a certain couple people there... and i wished we hadn't been acting so stupid. anyway so then we went to taco bell where once again we acting ridiculous and ran into people we knew. i even got floss stuck in my braces, and i don't know how or why, i just remember chewing on it. stupid braces, will you ever come off?
    today it was raining so alyssa and i decided not to go running. yay, excuses!! perhaps we will tomorrow. i don't know. so then i watched boiling point on mtv for awhile and then went to bed again, for 7 hours! how crazy is that? i didn't know i could sleep so much. so anyway here's an update on my love life: i don't have one! i'm confused right now. well, not confused... just liking someone. bah! never mind. who cares. alas, dinner is ready, roast beef here i come. bye bye!

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2004-06-21 21:17 (link)
I hear ya. Sorry about the whole trip thing. That sucks. But look at this least it was raining and you didn't have to go running! Excuses rock!

O..and the whole love life thing......COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND!

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