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Jennifer Hendricks (jenniferriddle) wrote,
@ 2003-10-18 00:53:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:Everybody's fool by evanescence

    bored as hell
    im so fucking bored. i have no life... well it seems that way cause i have no job and no money. i havent called chrystal in like a month and a half. i dont know why i havent called her. i cant wait till halloween. im going over to sarah's house and pass out candy with her. i have to dress up for halloween again. i thought that i would stop dressing up by this time but it doesnt seem like it. im gonna be a witch... again. thank god i dont have to go trick or treating again for the rest of my life... well until i have a child and i go with my child. like that would happen. me have a child. im practically a big child myself. i wonder how long it takes for the cd to burn. it seems like forever. oh well. anyways i made a goal for myself starting last month to stop biting my nails and i havent so thats a new record for me. great. the lightbulb at the computer desk has gone out and we have no more lightbulbs. well ive been going to Los Angeles since september 11th. last time i went was monday and we had to bring charlene, my sister's friend with us. that was a nightmare for me cause she kept whining and asking about things that dont consern her. my aunt got her a couple of charms for her charmbracelet. now why would my aunt get her anything? it just pisses me off. charlene always seems to get her way. what a selfish little brat,eh?
    i cant wait to move out of this house and go far away from here. maybe when i get a car i can do that but where would i go and what would i do? oh well im gonna go. ciao

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