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Jennifer Love Hewitt (jen__love) wrote,
@ 2003-04-16 04:18:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:She's Always A Woman To Me--Billy Joel

    Tossing and turning in the darkness
    *sits at the keyboard, a gentle smile permanently dancing across my lips*

    I have so much to say. And there are no words.

    "For every battle there is a reward"--You said that to me once.

    I keep thinking to myself....through all the pain and suffering I have been through...whether brought on by myself or others, it still doesn't measure up in intensity to the sheer happiness that I feel right now.

    Do you even know the true meaning of happiness?

    Once upon a time I thought I knew exactly what it was. Being me. I never thought that I wouldn't be enough. But today, I realize I can't imagine living a moment without you. Your tenderness, your passion, your understanding, your love. *smiles, seeing the irony* Your Love.

    I have never felt something so right in my entire life. I am reflecting on times past when I felt that I was in love, and I can almost giggle at my naivety. This feeling.....*bites bottom lip*

    Someone has reached into my soul, extracted the parts of me that I was afraid of, or ashamed of, and loved them. He picked out the parts of me I have hidden, the parts of me that I wasn't even aware I possessed. And he loved them.

    I have fallen.

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2003-04-16 17:14 (link)
This sweet. I am so, so, so happy for you, because you are without a doubt beyond question so much deserving of this wonderful thing. *hug*

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2003-04-16 22:16 (link)
Thank you my wife. I love you!


I'll let you steal me away

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2003-04-16 23:31 (link)
Your other bride to be is happy for ya too. Mmhmm.

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2003-04-17 23:30 (link)
Hi. I love you.

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