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Sooo CLueLeSS...YeT Sooo AHeaD oF ThE GaME (jellybeaner) wrote,
@ 2003-01-20 12:20:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:Don Mclain-Bye Bye Ms. American Pie

    The Sub
    i've decided that today is going to be a lazy day. ya know...lay around, watch tv, eat junk of those days. i babysat this morning for diane, amanda and kyle are sooo cute but sometimes they're soo bad. but you gotta love 'em. krista is sick but she got excepted to all three schools she applied for so she's in a pretty good mood and as usual michelene is busy proudly keeping that title of biggest pain in the ass over her head. sometimes i wanna punch her in the face when she whines and screams and then sometimes she's really funny, but today is her pain in the ass day so i'm sure we'll have a few fights before the day is done.


    so for those of you who don't know me too well...i love food. yeah i know what you're thinking, everyone loves food blah blah BUT NO, i LOVE food...there are no words that can express the love i have for food. ilove food so much i'll be enough for everyone in my classes just so i can eat during class =) anyways, last night before i went out i put half of my sub in the refridgerator and at like 11:30 i started to get hungry and just kept thinking about my lovely half a sub at home waiting for me, so naturally as soon as i walked in door..BAM! i ran straight for the frige and like i should have known all along of course..THE SUB WAS GONE. [i forgot to put this in my entry last night cause i was too excited about getting my journal started] i was very disappointed and upset but too tired to bitch to everyone about it, so i let it go but right now [after a good 8 hours sleep] I'M PISSED! i want that half a freakin sub not because i'm hungry but just because of the principle of it. GEEZ, is it really much to ask? just don't eat my sub when i'm not home!! = )


    yeah so, my mom is pretty annoying sometimes..see she's puerto rican [yes, making me puerto rican too] so well, [no offense to any puerto ricans out there] it makes her a pretty damn loud person [all you puerto ricans out there know it's true] like she can't just talk she's gotta shout and she can't just call for someone in the other room she's gotta yell...sometimes i'm like that too when i let the spanish in my come out but geez, when she yells i wanna punch her in the face. and then on top of it michelene is just like her so of course she's yelling all the time plus her whining and pain in the ass nature, it makes one annoying little sister. so when the two of them are talking or yelling at the same time...HOLY SHIT...i wanna jump out the window.


    me and jil are comparing each other's fathers right now. they're brothers and they're exactly alike and they're freakin NUTS. they flip out over the stupidest shit and they say the same exact things and they punish us over stupid shit and they treat us like 9 year olds...and they're just gay. me and jil and aunt carol always talk about how great it would be if me and jil, aunt carol and my mom went on vaca to puerto rico this spring break instead of both our whole familys going. big jim and big vin..grrrr we'll never be able to get rid of them!


    well i'm gonna go call chris and then start enjoying my lazy day, i'll write again before tonight.

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