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Sooo CLueLeSS...YeT Sooo AHeaD oF ThE GaME (jellybeaner) wrote,
@ 2003-01-24 09:32:00
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    Current mood: bitchy
    Current music:Simple Plan-I'm Just a Kid

    Jack Rabbits have boobs..who knew?
    so yeah, two entries ago..i wrote about jen. and some cool person decided to write a comment about me and not sign their name. they said, [you can read it word for word if you just scroll down and click 'everyone's an allstar' under the entry] first off that i look like a jack rabbit..they have a big forehead..which yeah i know i do, i never walked around with a shirt on that says "i have a small forehead" or anything. and then they said i have big gums. umm yeah, i have big teeth..but i don't know about the gums. and they said i have small boobs, okay well..waddya gonna do? should i run out and get implants or something? then they said i have no ass, which i found humerous. and then like most of the bisexual people in our school, they publicized their bisexualness for no reason because they just think it's cool rather than just who they are. and then the best part of all, they didn't sign their name. like how could you talk all that shit and be so opionated but not sign your name and own up to it? haha so i wrote a response [you can read it, if you go to 'everyone's an allstar' in two entries ago'].


    hmm so school was pretty boring today, as usual. finals are coming...grrrrr i can feel the stress already. i can't wait for my new classes though, a change something different althought i hate math and i have it this coming up semester. went to my sister's basketball game, she kicked some butt. she three three pointers and i was giving her some advice from the stands and cheering the other girls and chris kept complaining and he kept getting me really mad.


    chris made a comment in the car today 'you sit there and yell at your sister about stuff you don't even do and it doesn't make sense when you know she's going to be a better ball player then you when she get's to your age anyway' and i seriously wanted to cry. i know i'm not a good ball player, it's no big suprise and i know that there are tons of girls on my team better than me but i really do try my hardest whenever i play. i dunno, basketball makes me depressed and pissed off all at the same time and then my coaches not liking me on top of it doesn't help at all. but i've been playing since i was 5...i play, my sister plays, my dad plays, my mom played, my uncle plays, 5 out of 6 of my cousins grandmother played when she was a girl for God's's crazy. and i really do love the game and i have fun playing sometimes but most of the time it's 100% stress and it sucks.


    wow now i put myself if a bad mood again talking about. grrrrrr. i'm gonna go lay down.


    i'll write again tonight. lata.

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