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Sooo CLueLeSS...YeT Sooo AHeaD oF ThE GaME (jellybeaner) wrote,
@ 2003-01-22 20:10:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:New Found Glory-The Glory of Love

    stupid stupid stupid girls in my school
    here's a joke melinda told me on the bus the other day [i heart her!!] :

    there's this guy and he's taking a walk down the beach when an old woman with no legs and no arms starts calling him over to her...

    she's like hey um, sir..could you please come over and he's like ook yeah he goes over and she's like will you do me a favor? i'm going to die any day now and i've never really ever gotten then chance to get
    fingered, so will you..ya know? do me the favor..

    and he's like umm yeah sure,i guess he goes his thing and he leaves

    so the next day..he's walking down the beach again and the same old leg/armless lady calls him over..

    and she's like umm sir, i'm sorry..could i just ask of one more favor..please please please and he's like um yeah okay..

    and she's like, i've never gotten to give head before and i'm going to die soon, so will you, ya know, please?

    and he's yeah ookay..sure what the he holds her up and she does her thing..blah blah

    soooo the next day...the same guy is walking down the beach and the same old leg/armless lady calls him over AGAIN and is like i'm sorry sir..this is the last favor, i swear..please please..and he's like jesus, what is it now?

    and she's like well umm i've never been screwed will you, ya know?

    so he picks her up and throws her in the ocean and say THERE! YOU'RE SCREWED!!!!

    hahahah i laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! = )

    .*.*.*. today was umm well, slow. nothing exciting happened in school, no gossip which i guess for the most part is very good. me and kaitlynn were actually talking about how boring the school is getting and maybe next year we'll go somewhere else, but i doubt we will.


    OOOH WAIT WAIT here's the latest news this junior girl jen [nooo last names used but she knows who she is] decided that melissa wrote something in her journal about split ends or some shit so she decided to tell everyone that all the sophomore girls are bitches and we're all busted. hmmm...well now, isn't that special? because last time i checked..this girl was pretty damn BUSTED i don't wanna toot my friends or my own horn but TOOT TOOT because i damn well know we are definately not BUSTED and i damn well know that she is DEFINATELY BUSTED [yeah you heard me and i don't give a shit what you write back in my journal].


    sooo i hate basketball with a serious sucks like this ::BIG SUCKING NOISE:: [yeah you heard me] which reminds me today in drama class i was being my normal self and rambling on about something and every time i said something mean or funny i would say "yeah you heard me" right after, totally naturally and i didn't even notice it until someone said something to me about it. haha it's pretty funny when i think about it [YEAH YOU HEARD ME] lmao. = )


    so tomorrow is my anniversary...1 year and 5 months..crazy, huh? but like i always say i fall more in love with that kid every day. and we had our bad times...our horrible times actually, don't get me wrong..i'm definately not saying we have a perfect relationship. we fight like crazy and we're both stubborn and when we fight i can't help but love him with all my heart and then when we actually get along, it's great. i'm so thankful for a guy like him because even though he's screwed up and i've screwed up, he loves and i know he truly does. he would give me anything and everynothing no matter what the cost or the obstacle. all he wants is for me to be happy and all i want is for him to be happy and we make each other it works out pretty nice.


    i tried to get all my make-up work done tonight but american idol fever got the best of me and i didn't finish all of it but it'll be done by friday [the due date] and i wanna do really good on my finals, i really really do. me and my friends have been talking a lot about college and finals and i know i was a lazy ass all this semester so i really wanna try to finish up nice and strong, even if it means sacraficing one weekend. tomorrow night after my game, i'm coming home..making sure my make-up work is perfect, doing some regular homework, and finish up all my final study guides and then friday saturday and sunday i'm gonna spend time going over stuff and studying. [if anyone reads this, call me or im me during each day and make sure my ass is inline!]. well all this talk looks like it's time for A GOAL!!!! MY GOAL: to get really good grades on ALL my finals and get my ass into gear for the second semester. let's see if i can do it [i'll keep ya posted].


    that reminds me...mommy decided she's going to send me to singing lessons. i was in my room doing homework and stuff, singing that know..."at last, my looovveee has come along" yeah that one. and she came in and was like justine hannah, that voice isn't that's about singing lessons? and of course my life long dream is to be a singer so i was like HELL YEAH [ummm NOT]. i was like ummm, i dunno mom and she was like no no no c'mon, so i gave in and we'll hafta see where this one goes.


    well i am officially POOPED! i gotta catch some z's. write again tomorrow. lata.

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hahahaha u wish
2003-01-24 14:38 (link)
Yo u r busted as hizzel so u r not one to tlka shyt neither am i but u aaint hott u aint cute u jus ewww u look like a fuckin jack rabbit big ass forhead n big ass gums small ass boobs n no ass yes i am bi so i cans ay dat n i kno who ur tlakin bout n shes betta den u busted ass bitch!!!!!

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Re: hahahaha u wish
2003-01-24 18:05 (link)
jack rabbit? hmmm i didn't know jack rabbits had boobs...or foreheads for that matter. hmm big gums, huh? actually i have big teeth, but hey whatever..same. no ass either? that's a little interesting, i've never once in my life heard anyone say i had no but, infact for a while my nickname was J.Lo because of my ass, but hey man..whatever you say. i'm glad your bi and i would bet my life you're one of those people who publishes it ALL THE TIME...rather then just being who you are and letting it be. i also think it's pretty cool how you can't sign your name either..are you that much of a pussy? what do you thinks gonna happen, i'm gonna jump you or something? haha if anyone honestly thinks that i look worse then Jen, please..IM me ASAP [PeanutButter2] because then i'm gonna seriously need to start saving for some face surgery. = ) so here's the deal, i'm glad you have your opinion and i'm glad you have so much to say, but what you say doesn't mean shit..until you sign your name and own up to it.

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2003-01-24 18:03 (link)
SO hey justine... u a jack rabbit with tits? i had no idea.... thats so freaken awesome... umm yea im srry that its ok to say that ish 2 u bc ur bi..... right bc i thought if u announce that to the world then it makes u that much COOLER.... jeez... ppl need to shut the fuck up.... bc that chick was prolly a fat ass!

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haha, what a loser
2003-01-24 19:22 (link)
haha. what a fucking loser.
if you want, you can go talk shit about me in my journal too.
that way i can get your IP address. i get it automaticly with replies.
yea, ill fuck your computer up
then there will be NO MORE pussy assed anonymous comments
so... talk about justine... at least have the guts to say ur fucking name.
you ghetto ass mother fucking wanabee.
and if youre as tough as your trying to be --
at least say your name.
fucking fucking fucking fucking cunt licker.
HaHa. learn some grammar.

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