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Sooo CLueLeSS...YeT Sooo AHeaD oF ThE GaME (jellybeaner) wrote,
@ 2003-01-20 22:37:00
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    Current mood: disappointed
    Current music:Mariah Carey-Hero

    so instead of a lazy day, today turned into a very busy day. pretty crazy...went to kohls and walmart with my babes. then i came home and noobie decided we were all gonna go out to bennigans for dinner with the CHEESERS! we had sooo much, we laughed the whole entire time...people were looking at us, it was great! the night was going really good, lots of laughs and then literally as we were putting on our jackets the froshies asked about a rumor the heard about a pretty good friend of mine and this sad part of me, is afraid that it's true.


    "she's" quiet, "she" doesn't say much when it comes down to it. don't know much about "her" anymore and i try to defend "her" when people say really shitty things about "her" but now i don't know. my respect is gone, i'm sorry to say it but it definately is. there's nothing really left between me and "her" anyway, things change, people change, whaddya gonna do? but i just feel like maybe, if "she" would have just told one of us...maybe someone, anyone could have told "her" to stop, tell "her" what "she" really looks like. i don't know it's hard to explain, what do you do when one of your friends is known as "one of the hoes"? it hurts a lot, not to be able to talk to someone you love, someone you've known for so long and i wanna try but something tells me it's impossible. [if you read that, and you know it's you. i love you, really do. and when you're ready to talk, you know my number]


    so i'm on the phone with doofer and noobie right now, they're great...i really do love them, they make everything so fun and i can be myself and they still like me and they still wanna be my friend, it's great. = )
    tomorrow i have to perform an italian skit for part of my final, i have none of my stuff ready and i didn't memorize my lines either. i still have to do laundry for this sucks, it's almost 11:30 too. soo much drama towards the end of the night, spent almost 50 minutes on the phone with noobie and doofer trying to figure some stuff out. maybe i should stop being feeding my addiction to AIM, get off this damn computer and get some shit done before 12 but you know me[well actually you don't]...Justine the Great Procrstinator.


    alright, i'm giving in. good night for now. write again in the morning.

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