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replica (jelloshot) wrote,
@ 2003-04-04 17:39:00
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    the persuit
    well i skipped school today with raquel for the second time in two weeks...being around her just reminds me how stupid liz is. liz is this chick that i've liked, but now that i can have her, i dont want her's like i was only in it cuz of the chase. girls have persued me and not wanted me when they got me, so i know how much it sucks. and i feel bad but i cant change anything. this blows, but i went to coventry today and my new, -very- ghetto tattoo has stopped itching. my mother doesnt know about it, and i keep forgetting that it's very visible on my back. one day she's gonna see it and probably give me another tattoo (using a kitchen knife) that looks like a huge gash in my side...

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2003-04-04 18:13 (link)
hahaha!!!! you're hilarious

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2003-04-04 18:59 (link)
hey heather its emily

just thought i'd say hi

you need to post more often! you're hilarious!


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2003-04-11 23:48 (link)
heather you are so hott!!!!!! i wish i could go do some crack with you!! you don't know who i am but every night i dream about deep-throating your 3-inch.

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