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Javier (jayveemon) wrote,
@ 2004-04-02 17:11:00
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    Current mood:relaxed
    Current music:Auria Pozzi - Joe Le Taxi (Jan Wayne Remix)

    I Am Washable
    Man, am I full, I had a lot of pizza here at yearbook and I just found out I may have a date for prom.. SCORE! Hopefully Lauren will say yes, and I am going home to play more Pokémon Colleseum because anyone who knows me know that I can be very childish at times. Anyways, all and all It has been a good week for me, next Wednsday I leave for California and I will spend 12 days with my beloved Sister Cheryl. In other news, I decided to spend more time with my newer friends to strengthen our bond because when I move to Cali it will be hard to stay friends, but by doing this I am leaving my older friends alone more, but I know we will always be friends, right Anthony ;-). Anyways, sometimes I feel like I am homesick and I haven't even left yet, but I need the experience of starting from scratch, I feel it will help me grow as a person and make me better. ::Looks at the time...:: Yeah.. It's friday and late in the afternoon and I am still in school.... Ok I am leaving...

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Anthony ^_^
2004-04-02 19:40 (link)
hey jay i didnt know u had a blurty XD! i'll be sure to keep this adress aroud since it seems uve been writing in this one for a little while O_o
but pizza :D

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