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Jayellah (jayellah) wrote,
@ 2008-07-17 18:29:00
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    Before Pics
    Yikes. I am quite large. I didn't realize how bad I looked. I knew how bad I felt, but who knew I really looked like that. It is a great motivational tool. I'm going to put them as my screen saver. I really need to weigh myself, but I left my scale in Florida and dad doesn't have one. I know L has one, I guess I could go over there this weekend. I've been avoiding weighing myself because I know that it is a really high number, but I have to know where I am starting so that when I get down to my goal I'll know how much I lost. And to never let myself get to this point again.

    Before I workout, I want to look at those pics. Before I eat something bad, I want to look at those pics. UGH. Surely that will keep me going toward the right direction and keep me away from the bad habits that have led me to looking and feeling this way.

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