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Jaret Reddick (jaret_reddick) wrote,
@ 2003-03-26 20:52:00
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    Hi everyone
    I'm really really sorry I haven't updated for so tell you the truth I kinda forgot this journal existed!!!!! But I'll try and add some stuff, I really really let's see what I can add...
    Well, as you probably all know, my daughter has recently been born, I'm obviously really happy about that, it's a lot of fun being a dad, and a lot harder than I expected it to be....and um....we've been added to the Warped Tour, that's going to be a lot of fun, there's so many other bands on there that are some of my favourites, so I'm really looking forward to meeting them and just playing to the crowd. It's always fun meeting new fans!
    So, I don't know what to say, leave me comments, people!
    And I promise I'll do a better update soon :)

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2003-03-26 21:02 (link)
Hey Jaret, congrats on ur wee baby girl!! i bet shes got u wrapped round her little, just u wait till shes 10 months old and blowing rassbers to u ,thats what my wee girls doing just now...:p razzzzz!

Luv Laura

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2003-04-02 15:19 (link)
Well, you said leave comments, so here I am, doing it again! *lol* Feel a bit like a stalker now. Ooh err.

So yeah, congrats on the kid! Nicely done.
Urm... don't know what else to write! I'm lost for words... lead me into some comedy!

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2003-04-09 08:43 (link)
ermmmmm.......dunno what to say coz i've mailed u everything, lol....but congrats again!!!
Oh, im going to leeds festival, yey...I cant wait, me and my mate are staying the whole weekend! and i'll be at the london gig when u guys come back as well as newcastle.....maybe more but dunno the dates yet :p
so thats all....expect my bribary 4 a backstage pass soon, lol
Love holly xxx

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Hi Jaret from scotland!!
2003-04-11 08:54 (link)
it's so cool to be able to get in touch with one of my heros!! thanks for givin the world bfs!!!
There is no other band in the world that is so personal with their fans and that makes me love you guys even more!! Has any one ever told u that bfs are the sexiest band on the planet...Hope ur still touring in Oct , can't wait and hope u will be playin leeds..
The coolest thing would be to play fri when good charlotte are playin cause those guys rock!!!
anyway, I 'm gettin a bfs tatto done and would love to show you guys it at leeds...

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2003-04-27 02:19 (link)
hey this is Erik.... oh wait... no im not, somebodys having an identity crisis and it's not me!

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bit late but
2004-10-07 17:41 (link)
hey jaret.
congratulations on being a daddy.
i have a daughter about same age as yours, well shes about 4 month older, she just turned 2 last month. her name is scarlett. man arent kids stressful.

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2005-05-01 18:04 (link)
Hi Jaret! I am very happy 2 hear u have a baby daughter! I am one of ur fans. It makes me happy to talk 2 my favorite celebrity!!! Good luck on ur daughter!!!

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