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Jamila (jamilaphelpsa) wrote,
@ 2011-09-15 07:27:00
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    Index Backlinks - The Truth and Myths
    It is no secret that backlinks are the foundation of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. In addition to unique keyword-rich content and basic on-website website positioning equivalent to search engine pleasant URLs, highly descriptive title tags and headers, your backlinking structure is the one single metric that will boost your repute in the eyes of search engines.

    Most of the time, however, a nicely spread out backlink structure is just not fully discovered by serps as a result of, effectively, the internet is basically, really large and your links are in all probability buried in and on pages which might be stuffed deep down inside web sites far from the highest of the index page of the domain.

    Because of this, search index engines may or might not know that they even exist, so a bit of help may be in order. An interesting point about website positioning is that it is the science of serving to search algorithms determine simply what the flavour or subject of a page is about. One webmaster that I respect very much as soon as told me that a search engine needs to be thought of as a very dumb internet surfer that must be instructed what subject a website or page is related to. This has been my experience also and this is likely one of the most important causes that descriptive hyperlink anchor is extremely important.

    In many cases, finding links reveals a really related situation. In this case, the search algorithm is indexing so much info that appropriately cataloging all of it's all however impossible. Therefore, it would be a good idea to tell the various search engines where your hyperlinks are, literally. One of the easiest methods to do this is to make a listing all the individual pages that contain a link to any page on your site.

    Next create a free blog or something related and post this record to it. Make sure that all of the links are do-observe in order that when a search engine follows this web page, it inherently follows all of the links on it. Then find a really busy discussion board that enables do observe links within the signature. Do not spam the forum, however contribute to it and in your signature file post a link to the page or blog containing the list of your link pages. Search engines like google and yahoo browse forums always all day day by day, so they'll see the link in your signature and comply with it very quickly. As far as anchor text goes, don't use anchor text. Just use a interval on the finish of a sentence in your signature file to make the hyperlink to your link listing blog or page.

    This method ofcourse requires lots of time and effort, nonetheless be relaxation assured that in the long run it will yeild amazing results. Now if you're someone like me who likes to save lots of time in every attainable way, then you can attempt automated index backlinks tools like BackLinkPromoter. There are few other backlink indexer softwares and software which may also help you index your backlinks faster.

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