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J.M. (jakobmarley) wrote,
@ 2005-05-26 22:37:00
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    Current mood: blah

    Heaven help me, but I'm still up. I wanted to go roller blading but it was raining last I checked. Anyhow, I'm super bored, not that tired and have nothing to do. That song I was going to add to my site? Well, I still haven't found a link for it yet which sucks because I'm getting tired of the one I have now. Here's the link for the video clip of it though. Broken Wings Oh, it's the large version so make sure you have high-speed or something so your computer can stream it well enough.
    Remembering Firsts…

    Your first memory?
    Honestly, playing with my neighbors, David and Matt in Oshkosh when I was two. I remember when I was two maybe three being with my other neighbor, but it wasn't exactly playing. I don't even remember her name. I think it was Divia, but as I said, I don't really remember.

    First time away from home for more than a day?
    that I can remember? I don't remember going to my grandparents, but that was probably the first. Staying over at Matt's house. After that it probably would have to be our trip to Spokane, Washington when I was three. We visited my Great-Grandma

    When you learned to ride a bike?
    I was four or five. It was in the St. Anne's parking lot on 6th Ave and Bridge St. I lived in the brick house across the street. My dad said he'd give me five dollars if I learned to ride.

    First birthday party?
    The first one I ever had was in the same house, it was about six or seven people, mostly neighbors. Isaiah, gave me a Ninja Turtle, I think I still have it. His older sister was there too. And the girl who stripped in front of me was there, but that happened later.

    First stuffed animal?
    The big bear that Kristen has now. BSC, I think. It said that on the bottom of his left foot.

    First Lego set?
    My big red bucket of Legos when I was two. Back then you just got a buch of Legos and made your own stuff. Now there is no room for imagination, it's all pre-designed.

    First day of school?
    No friggin' clue. It was at Keffer, but I don't remember.

    First criminal act?
    taking a piece of carmel from the Brach's thing at County Market when I was five. My mom caught me before we left and made me take it back and apologize.

    First hospital trip?
    I don't know which was first. Food needles in my head, the ironing board or falling out of the second story window.

    First crush?
    Ashley in first grade. She was pretty fine, but out of my league. She knew this too and would taunt me by asking me if I wanted to kiss her. I never answered. After that year I switched schools, so I never saw her again.

    First Kiss?
    Umm, idk. I don't think I ever kissed Divia. Truthfully, I'm not sure.

    First boy/girlfriend?
    Well, if you count the girl that was dating me for a week and then broke up with me before I even knew we were dating, I don't know her name. Otherwise Natalie.

    First sexual expirience?
    that depends, actual sex or foreplay type? umm, think I'll leave that one alone.

    First job?
    Working at Rocky Rococo's when it first opened.

    First Car?
    '87 Chevy Bretta

    First word that you wrote on this page?

    Night all, I need to find something alse to do now.

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