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JackieMarie (jackiemarie) wrote,
@ 2003-04-09 13:22:00
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    Current mood:cranky
    Current music:drafting room

    ok ok so topics I should cover are prom, the state FFA convention, and all sorts of other shit that just HAD to happen to me over the course of the last few days.. so where do I start? prom? well I went and got my hair done, picked up Vanessa cuz she didn't have a ride or anything ( I am so nice, just cuz we ain't best friends nemore doesn't mean I have to be a bitch) then we picked up some McDonalds and went over to Justins.. he did some final touches on his car while me and her watched bubble boy with his mom.. then when he was showered and stuff we started getting ready.. his mom took some pictures then we left to go get some more pictures at Nicole Preibes ( she is the best!!! ) I GOT TO DRIVE THE ECLIPSE! Sorry, I will be just as excited if he ever lets me drive again.. the pictures looked really good.. she (nichole) said she wanted to get a big one for the front window as long as I didn't break up with him within the week... I really dont see that happening..

    then we met up with like 15 other people and ate at the east bremer diner.. it was good but Justin got kinda sick off of the food.. went to pre-prom I swear we broke the world record for the number of pictures taken in the least amount of time.. drove to the high school for the actual prom.. got MORE pictures.. the dance was good, cept Justin kept disapeering.. I kno he hates to dance, doesnt mean he couldnt come back for the slow ones... andrew kolbet was my alternate dance buddy for one of the slow ones... he was way sweet, who knows where his partner was? we ended up leaving relatively early, I was tired and he didnt feel good. we went driving, didnt even listen to the radio.. it was so relaxing to just be with him. and then ya know we just went back to his place and fell asleep right away.. yada yada yada ;)

    k.... state convention... ummm we went and didn't sleep a whole lot. My secretaries book placed second in the state!! yaaay!! I got wapsie valley, which is funny because I beat Her at sub-districts.. met some pretty cool people, ate a lot, walked a lot, sat hrough some terribly interesting sessions... played war like 800 different times ( I beat the LaPorte City delegate!) tee hee hee.... k I am delirious..

    other than all this stuff it was ok, saw a lot of people I have met before at other events,,, saw Eric Pitzen from StAnsgar. last time I saw him was when we went to WLC, Which I think has been like 2 years or so... I think he was suprised I actually talked to him.

    well there alot of other things going through my head right now, alot to do with Justin and me.. more personal than what can be shared..... hopefully things turn out well ( and NO I aint pregnant or anything) his parents hate me, thats a part I can share.. I dont know what to do..... this si incredibly long, I should be doing my drafting homework... later


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hey jackie!
2003-04-09 23:58 (link)
hey girl! i had a blast at state and i'm so glad i ran into you so many times. you are such a cool person and i wished we lived closer together so we could hang out more. i'll chat with you soon. peace.
nancy d.

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