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Syndicat3d Nicca (ja_iz_gutta) wrote,
@ 2004-07-07 04:11:00
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    Current mood:kinda sad
    Current music:Usher's nice and slow

    <<< Confessions Of A Gutta Nicca>>>
    Yo What So Gutta Wit Yall? Well This wouldn't gotten started if it wasn't for my home girl -chinks- Well I am goin to take this bacc A few days...

    June 22nd-- I was recurited to join a crew called Gutta Inc. Yo I was even da first nicca in da crew ... It was the day that Gutta Inc had jus gotten started too... So all was straight ... Then I met this girl Justine .. well shit a nicca was feeling her like crazy for a moment.. Til she says " never took us seriously " but me and her are cool now.. Plus I did have a girlfriend too.. But goin through my own problems with that...
    *** Some Of Tha Crew ***
    * Kea* -- Tha creator of Gutta... Sweet, caring, tells how it is, think she be gettin gangsta wit a nicca thou ... but she know JA JA got all da love for her ... muahzz **

    * Chinks* -- The ladi that got this journal off the ground for me ... Thank You ... She da person everyone goes to for advice... Litl Mizz Cleo... lmao .. holla ma muahz

    *Justine* -- You my solider ma .. Tells how it is and no bitin that tongue.. Always real with a nicca.. Miss those convos we use to have... muahzz

    * Dani* -- What can I say But I xcan't believe I am your favorite LOSER... It feels like a HONOR 4 you to call me that ...

    *ETC...* -- there are alot more of this fam .. bout 20 sumtin more and I give all yall my love.<3
    <^> Throw It Up <^>

    July 4th-- INDEPENDENCE DAY -- Well Today I talked to my girl Shae, and we had a serious conversation about US and well We decided to become friends and I am still goin down there on the 26 th of this month.... If you are wonderin about what happin with us .. Well lets say a nicca was there with her through everything even the birth of her son; which isn't mines ... I meet her when she was 6 months pregnant and her man had went to jail.. Well Needless to say he is out and wants to spend time with her and his son and she let him stay in the house with her and they sleep in the same bed and they do everything together.. I have put up with that for a month and shit nicca couldn't handle it because I felt like she was usin me .. But the thing is .. She is My first love ... So... Nicca will always be there for her and be a good friend to her... <3 4 her

    July 5th-- Today I got up late an what not .. I stayed up all last night and all today .... gotta get sleep tonight... I have had alot on my mind lately and It helps that I can get some of this off my mind... Well I got the nerve to finally tell one person sumptin I have been meaning to them for a good min... U kno who U are...

    July6th-- Well Today I got up at 2p.m. and I have been chillin since then.. Played some Basketball outside 4 a while... I sprang my ankle a litl ... Nicca iight thou.. Kea went to go stay at her girls house so I don't got no one to talk to while I go to sleep tonight... aww poor me... I help my uncle out about 2 weeks at a time then I go home and chill for some days and come bacc over here .. He is in a hospital bed and is on bedrest .. and I stay over here and get paid for helpin out with things... shit nicca needs extra money in his pocket.. Nicca does everything round here... Then home girl decides she gonna hook me up with this journal. So. shit i better at least try to keep it updated... <3 ty ma ... it is now

    July7th-- 2:30 A.M. in tha morning--- I am goin gto be goin home soon .. so i better go so i can get a litl bit of sleep...

    -------------------------------- 2 be contiuned--------------------------------------

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