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Pumpy Yumpkin (ja1984) wrote,
@ 2003-12-04 21:40:00
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    Current mood: geeky
    Current music:under the bridge -red hot chili peppers

    the city i live in the city of angels

    mmm.. i have been gone from blurty for a while.. but again like i was an active user! i got a code to join another online journal community but then again, it works the same way with blurty actually.. or pretty similar.. they offer the same layouts.. but i'm still trying to modify mine.. and then i came back to check my blurty account its up and running and all personalised.. plus i'm an early adopter.. why should i leave blurty then??

    i'm still in bangkok, the city i live in, the city of angels.. yes just like los angeles the name krungthep, thats how we Thais call bangkok, means the city of angels.. and complete full name of bangkok makes it the longest city name in the world.. naming all the angels of our city! mmm... how about that!?

    the weather in bangkok is beautiful right now.. 27 degrees celcius or around 80 degrees farenheit during the day.. at night its a little cooler.. i love the weather and i dont want winter(our winter) to pass.. aww.. this reminds me.. this time of the year is the high season! the sea is nice and calm... the weather is cool and the sun is shining! and it is always wonderful to be around the ocean or to go scuba diving!

    i dont know if i will manage to escape the city for a while during christmas break or not.. i want to head down south and enjoy the beaches! i havent been diving for a year already.. i really miss it.... i just havent been able to afford it! ARGHH!!

    anyway... the last 2 days have been wearing me out.. i had 2 exams yesterday and another one this morning.. tomorrow i'm going to wake up late! and then its another exam on monday! and of course HOLIDAY! thats all for now i guess

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tis me aj
2003-12-05 18:04 (link)
angel huh... i believe ya

now come on jazzzz ... lj is coolest ever!

i so gotta find my id in blurty

i see you love sea sky nature as much as i do ... cool

aj here

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2003-12-10 14:55 (link)


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