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some things just can't wait. (j_xo_nine) wrote,
@ 2003-09-18 21:04:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:brand new

    all im losing is me..
    ok lets see..i drove my brothers car today. i backed it out of the was cool

    mom bought a car, and she is pimpin it up.

    lost my folder. great. hurricane? eh..idontthinksobucco.

    thats all. mmkaybye...

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2003-09-19 15:25 (link)
hey nean (lmao thats so gay but so am i so blah blah whatever)
ok in bio, we were talking about cloning...and i'm like "I"M A CLONE FREAK!!!" and everyone looked at me like wtf? and my teacher, he's cute lol, he's like "what?" and im like "my twin looks like me" and my gay friend mike is like "oh i didn't know twins looked alike" and i was like "suck my uterus, buddy!!" it was funny.
Anyway, I'm going to ask mommy again about going to these shows..but you know her...shes a bizznatch..and NOT the good kind....
I love you a lot and stuff and I really CANNOT wait for Sunday or 9.22...i can't wait for my sounds so awesome...I think the reason is sounds so super cool is because YOU made it...Jeanine, you rock me. I heart you so much and I'm so glad to share such a goregeous face with you!!! lol
141, your twin FOREVER and ALWAYS,

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2003-09-19 16:35 (link)
aww corinne you made my day

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