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*-* UnLoveD *-* (ixunlovedxi) wrote,
@ 2003-06-02 21:35:00
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    Current mood: crushed
    Current music:boyz II men/Mariah carey * one sweet day

    does EVERYTHING really happen for a reason?
    whats up...nuthin here..jus cryin..
    i cant believe that nick is gone...he was too good for this to happen! i dont understand..every1 says everything happens for a reason..i really dont see the reason! he was so nice n funny n sweet...n i didnt even personally kno him that great but i have had the biggest crush on him since the 1st time i saw him in november n like talked to him..he was jus so nice n stuff..n all i can think about is the 2nd time i really talked to him was rite b4 a home bball game n he was there n he was like "hey whats up" n i was like wow he talked to i was like heyy..n then we jus talked for a lil n he was so funny! n rite b4 i had to go to the team room for our talk he said "good luck shortie" n gave me a gunna miss him so much! i jus cant stop thinkin bout that n everytime i see his pic i think of it n jus start bawlin..why did sunthin so terrible like this have to happen to some1 so..jus like him..
    he could always put some1 in a good mood whenever they were sorry i really gotta go cuz im bout to bawl again..ill write wen i feel better..

    RIP NICK _ #92 fball * #18 baseball * #1 in my heart...
    you will be missed by all..i love you nick...
    one sweet day...*

    .x. goose .x. - that was his nickname too =*(


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2003-06-03 19:09 (link)
aww'll get better dont worry. if u ever need to talk juss IM me [ Lthugette L] juss incase u forgot lol love ya grl

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2003-06-03 19:14 (link)
i didnt know nick, but just reading this entry makes me want to just curious though, you dont hafta answer if u dont want to, but how did he die?

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its britt..
2003-06-04 14:56 (link)
hey..whose this?
well nick died from his injuries from his car accident on sat. night....he was on life support and in a coma n then he died...n yeh it is really sad..i miss him so much.. =*(

n jess...thanks gurl...

.x.GooSe 2.x.

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Re: its britt..
2003-06-04 17:21 (link)
my name is jessica, i live in eatontown, NJ...u dont know me, i just read your entry and was curious about what happened (sorry i dont mean to be nosey or anything) i just thought it was really sad. im so sorry you lost your friend. i didnt know him or anything but im sure he'd be really happy to know that he is so missed.

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Re: its britt..
2003-06-04 17:57 (link)
o0o hi...its iight...yea it is really sad. i hope he's happy..

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Re: its britt..
2003-06-04 22:12 (link)
hey gerl im really sorry about Nick! i know how much you liked him. im here for you if you ever need anything!! i love you chicK!
love ya*/*

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