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*-* UnLoveD *-* (ixunlovedxi) wrote,
@ 2003-05-22 17:07:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:eminem * haileys song

    hey there!
    whats up..nothing really here...waitin for seth to come ova..then we gunna walk to the bronze age,,ima go tannin n then we r gunna walk to john bernards house...newayz here is the whole story of what happened today....

    today was a 1/2 day..thank god! i think i would have died if it wasnt! ok well heres the story cuz i kno madd ppl are gunna ask...ok well..
    i had 18 cloricidens n i was gunna sell em for my friend..n in math i took 1 jus to see wut it would do i mean no biggie rite? well obviously the sub we had saw me n was like u better get rid of those b4 some1 checks you...n i got really scared n i wasnt thinkin to flush em so the first thing that popped into my head was jus to take i did..i took 17 n gave 1 to lindsay bcuz i dunno...n i was startin to feel a lil sunthin in math then 3rd pd in mr.lewis class we had a sub n i jus like tried to go to sleep cuz i was startin not to feel 4th pd i was totally sick...i went to the bathroom like 5 times to throw sucked! i was so scared! n my friends knew about it n at lunch wen we were outside they wanted to tell a taecher but i wouldnt let them cuz i didnt wanna get in trouble so i made em promise not to...newayz im still outside n my cell rings..its my gma..she says that some1 from the school called her n told her i took some pills n i should go to the hospital! n i was like oh shyt. but my mom aint gunna find out cuz i begged my gma n said it was nuttin serious n i was sorry n would never do it again! but i mean im kinda mad that some1 told but kinda happy bcuz they were jus lookin out for me u a good friend would! so to whoever told...thank u a lot! <33

    when i got home my gma made me go to the hospital...nothing really happened there cuz i wouldnt tell the nurse or dr what really happened n how many of what i really took...they were like whats wrong n i was like i jus took like 7 advil bcuz i didnt feel good n i had a really bad headache n they were like ok dont do it again..made me drink some de-toxifying stuff...took some blood...ran some tests n then i was home in about 2 hours =) then i came home n slept! now i feel a lil better but its all still i feel like i gotta go throw up still but i cant.

    Kristen n Becki- thanks for everything today! i kno u really wanted to tell sum1 n help me but i told u not to n jus thanks for carin so mucH! i love u guys!!!! im always gunna be here for you!

    kel- thanks for carin so much n bein therE! luv ya chica! 3 days!!!

    maybe if i had OD some1 would have been happy n im sure i would have made their life much better!!!

    kid-- im so sorry for this...i didnt mean anything by it..i jus couldnt tell u in school...just call me n ill explain! <3-143637 - n im sorry for blowin up yesterday! from the bottom of my heart im really sorry!how would u feel if u were in my position? jus got caught cuttin...thinkin ur gunna get in a LOT of trouble...thiknin u aint gunna be able to go on a trip u've been waitin for...n hearing that ur bestest friend said they were gunna tell on u...i mean im sorry i just flipped. dont think ki flipped for the wrong reason..i believe that u didnt say nething bcuz i kno u didnt n i trust u but still....u dont say something like thatbut try to see where im comin sorry! i would never not wanna be ur friend or do something to fuck up our friendship! like u said..u kno me inside out - then u should know that i wouldnt want or do that to u on purpose! please forgive me!

    ahh! 3 days til me n kel go to FL! hell yeah! im soo psyched! ok well my uncle lance goes to florida state college n he is on the football team n he wants me n kelly to go hang out with him n the football team at a party on thursday night! omg its gunna be sooo much fun!!!! wtf is this about-- i hear that disney world closes at 6:00pm..what the hell! thats crazee! oh well...more time for nite funn haha! guys..haha!
    cant wait!!!

    iight well im out...good luck varisty (today is a states game) but if ****** is ******* then go other team..jus dont win! lol sorry..wen im mad! if u do sunthin or get on my bad side then everything i say is totally against u..i cant stand you..n i hope everything u do turns out guessin ya dont wanna be on my bad side... iight peacE

    :+: love most of ya :+: FuCK the other 2

    .x. gbabii .x.

    NEVER let gO of something that mAkEs yOu SMILE*

    *^*^*you make me smile..please dont go anywhere!!

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2003-05-22 22:13 (link)
WHAT the FUCK were YOU thinking?!?! PLEASE dont DO stupid SHIT like THAT ever AGAIN!
everyone WOULD miss YOU so MUCH! i KNOW you ARE going THROUGH rough STUFF with
YOUR mom AND moving AND im SORRY...i AM always HERE for YOU! i LOVE you SwEeT cHeEkz!

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2003-05-23 18:12 (link)
dont worry love...i wont do that again! thanks for carin...i love u!
we should really hang out some me up in a few weeks
cuz im goin to florida on sunday n i wont be bak til next sunday so
call me sometime n we will "hang out" ;) lol...i love you`!! lol iight
i gotta go..bye sweetie!

love u*
swEEt cheekz ;)

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