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Courtney (ixhatexavril) wrote,
@ 2003-10-10 16:51:00
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    Current mood: cranky

    hmm. i have no ideaaaa what im doing tonite. amy, gabe, lauren, and edosa wanna hang out. and my mom wants me to go somewhere else. but yeah. i dont have a clue wat to do. lol.

    yay my brother is coming home today! lol. i was talking to him on the computer last nite.

    woo. amanda got her braces off! her teeth look perdy. lol.

    i just got in from being outside with amanda, amy, and edosa. grr. the boys should die. they came up to me and said "how come you hang by edosa's locker everyday" and i was like "cuz i share a locker with him" . god, cant people get over the fact that we're best friends and grow up? jesus christ, i sware. they piss me off. everyone thinks we're either going out, or we like each other. its like havent you ever see a guy and a girl that are best friends? lemme clear this up for some people..ME AND EDOSA ARE JUST FUCKING FRIENDS WE WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING MORE! I AM NOT ATTRACTED TO HIM LIKE THAT. JESUS CHRIST.

    anyway. i gotta go make plans with ppl now...


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2003-10-10 20:34 (link)
Sometimes ppl can be real jackasses... o well thats life for ya


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2003-10-12 17:43 (link)
lol yep

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