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Works of Insanity (iwanttobeaspork) wrote,
@ 2003-08-19 23:08:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:Erik freaking out because of a pop-up

    My mom is threatening to take me to the doctor.....reasons

    1) I've been majorly paranoid lately
    2) I haven't gotten my period
    3) She thinks my sugar is low
    4) She is afraid I'm going to have a panic atyack or an anxiety attack
    5) I have been losing weight
    6) She's wierd

    Reasons i HAVE to go to the doctor

    1) I need to get a physical for school

    Ugh i Hate the damn doctor

    We officially have cameras in our school, it's just another reason to make our school more roudy. With cameras people are going to feel more special about being caught on tape...

    A lot of my eighth grade friends are coming into my school this year. The only person I'm excited about coming is A.j., just because he's cool and i haven't seen him in a long time. The nerds can finally reunite. The bullshit crew can also reunite....the bullshit crew uncludes Me, Barbara, Ashley, A.j., Hannah, and Hanna's friend. The nerds include Me, A.j., and Barbara- we became nerds when we threw gum no the floor and tried to see who stepped on it...we did that everyday for about 2 weeks...hense us being nerds.

    I forgot what i was going to type.
    Ah i remember now

    Since we had the massive blackout last weekend the subways in the city were all messed this weekend if my mom is up for driving me to the palisades hope will pick me up there and i will sleep in Staten island. and then take the ferry to the south tip of Manhatten and err take the now working subways to SOHO....yes should be fun

    I want to go to New Paltz and go to Scott's record store "Rhino Records"..and maybe have a salad at The Bistro....and who else would come with me but, dun dun dun LIZ!!! lol....New paltz will be her home away from home when i get a car...yes, yes....New Paltz is wonderful


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