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Works of Insanity (iwanttobeaspork) wrote,
@ 2003-08-15 20:47:00
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    Current mood: distressed
    Current music:choose life

    me:"I feel amish"
    emily"lets go to church and feel more amish"
    me:"let's go sacrifice some cows"
    emily" alright, all we need is cows"

    Monkies Are Sexy [8:33 PM]: kaitlyn?
    IWantToBeASpork [8:33 PM]: what?
    Monkies Are Sexy [8:33 PM]: hi
    Monkies Are Sexy [8:33 PM]: lol
    IWantToBeASpork [8:34 PM]: *whines*
    Monkies Are Sexy [8:34 PM]: y are u whining?
    IWantToBeASpork [8:35 PM]: i'm bitter
    Monkies Are Sexy [8:35 PM]: ...
    Monkies Are Sexy [8:35 PM]: o...k...
    Monkies Are Sexy [8:35 PM]: y is that?
    IWantToBeASpork [8:35 PM]: i just feel bitter
    Monkies Are Sexy [8:35 PM]: alrighty then
    IWantToBeASpork [8:39 PM]: ugh i dont feel like being around right now i just want to hide in a little hole
    IWantToBeASpork [8:39 PM]: maybe die for a little...come back in a few hours
    Monkies Are Sexy [8:39 PM]: wat y?
    Monkies Are Sexy [8:40 PM]: is sumthin wrong?
    IWantToBeASpork [8:40 PM]: i just feel like shit right now
    IWantToBeASpork [8:40 PM]: im sad
    IWantToBeASpork [8:40 PM]: and bitter
    IWantToBeASpork [8:40 PM]: and pissed off
    IWantToBeASpork [8:40 PM]: and itchy
    Monkies Are Sexy [8:40 PM]: wow

    me:"let's go to bed early so we wake up and it's light outside"
    lauren and emily:*stares* "what?"
    lauren:"that made no sense"
    emily:"yea i don't get it"
    me:"i meant that like we should fall. . . . . ahhh nevermind

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