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Works of Insanity (iwanttobeaspork) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 12:06:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:conan obrien

    Yup so me and Emily are going to be superheros...we need names..but we are going to watch the streets in spandex...i get pink and emily gets turquoise then we will have purple spandex capes....WOOHOO!!!

    Who was your first crush? : Lawrence last name?
    Who was your first kiss? : Matt last name?
    Who was your first total infatuation?: kevin critelli? oh god
    Who was your first true love?: I'm 15 and have gone out with some real dweebs ...let me name the dweebs ryan dutcher, gabe bedia, and fruity eric braen

    So now that we know that basics...
    Who did you give your V card to? : I'm still holding onto it
    What is your sexual orientation? : heterosexual
    Have you ever been with someone of the same sex? No
    If you could take back one person that you've been with, who would it be?: Probably Ryan or i woul just shorten my relationship with Kevin...aww but he was so cute back then
    Do you ever plan on getting married? : Yes i do
    Do you want to have kids? : Heck no
    How many times have you had your heart broken? : zero

    All about your buddies...
    Who's your best friend? : zil and mayra and emily
    Who is your sworn enemy? : I have a few
    Who is the best to party with? Well i wouldn't know..i have a bunch of ex-friends that would be fun to party with
    Funniest? : Emily..because she's just stupid
    Biggest airhead? : Definately emily
    Smelliest: I'm pretty shallow so i try not to be friends with smelly people
    Biggest flirt: no one
    Cutest? : err
    The one that you confide in most? : I dunno
    One that you secretly want to punch in the face?: Mayra
    Name 3 people you wish you could see more of: Liz, Emily, and Barbara
    Someone that you wish you could see less of: My mom
    3 people you would want to get stranded on a desert island with and why: God I'd rather be alone
    Someone you always get to do your dirty work: everyone
    One person that you would trust with your life: Liz is very trustfull...
    Most superficial: err
    Biggest asshole: err yea idk
    Biggest Drunk: noone
    Biggest Pothead: Kayla
    Most likely to succeed: Me or Liz
    Going to die first: Probably Emily...because she's very clumsy and might fall into the Grand Canyon
    Someone that you have secretly fantasized about: no one
    Someone that you want, and they know it, but you just can't have them: Well I'm not sure if he knows....but Kevin
    Person that you thought was your friend but turned out to be a backstabbing asshole: err noone really
    Someone of the same sex that you would hook up with: sorry i dont swing that way

    Last but not least...
    Do you love it? : sure
    Is it in the air? : of course
    Are you happy? : not currently
    Need anything? : some food for my anorexic ass
    Are you glad that this is over? : yea sure

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