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Works of Insanity (iwanttobeaspork) wrote,
@ 2003-08-05 10:04:00
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    Current mood: worried
    Current music:violent femmes-blister in the sun

    Dr. Perry left her fiance :(
    So, she left her MASSIVE house and is now living in an apartment in manhattan
    AND she has two massive dogs...they're a tiny little apartment

    Anyways...I'm not going thursday, because my mom wanted o get you believe that? I can't meet the person I've been talking to forever because she wanted to go online....I hate her she's a horrible mother and I'm not talking to her ever again....

    Oh and to top it off she fucken told my dad a complete lie and my dad goes "what are you and mom fighting about" so i said "Mom's a bitch with no life who wanted to go on the computer and i was online talking to my friends and she freaked and then told you a complete lie" and he just said nothing so i walked out and locked myself in my bedroom until today....god i fucken hate her

    I'm need to get a job because i got this magazine and it has the greatest stuff in it...there's a mini fridge for your holds a six pack...and in caitlin neiderhausers garage where she had all her videogames and whatnot she had these chairs and i always tried to explain them to people...well guess what...I FOUND THEM!!! god i am so excited but the fridge plus the chair is majorly expensive it's like $250 or somewhere around there


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2003-08-05 10:52 (link)
damn... well keel her! and i need a job too.. but my dad said im to Imature to get a job.. GRR and he wouldnt drive me b.c he thinks that i wouldnt work hard and get fired.. and i cant get a car b.c he thinks im to imature.. wow that makes me really mad.. well i gots to talk to yea about comin over.. is friday still good? and stuff well plz come back on

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2003-08-05 10:55 (link)
would you please stop bitching about you're "oh so horrible" life..i;m fucken sick of it....i can't handle you anymore..every time i or anyone talks to you you bitch about me or your life and i am tired of stop

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2003-08-05 11:32 (link)
wow i really didnt mean it that way

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2003-08-05 13:07 (link)
no i just mean in general..all the time..constantly, I've tried to ignore it and i've tried to keep know? maybe just maybe you'd get the hint

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2003-08-05 13:49 (link)
Alrighty i will write that down. *writing down info* ok got it... and im really trying to stop.

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