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Works of Insanity (iwanttobeaspork) wrote,
@ 2003-08-01 11:52:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:made

    I forgot to type this little incident in my blurty.....

    My sister, me, mayra, and elijah are in the car...we were pulling up to the light by the mall and lauren was driving slow because it was yellow and she was contemplating whether to go or not.....sooooo

    The light turns red, and she decides this is a good time to go. Ahh yes a perfect time to decide to go..when the light is 20 more people get pissed at us..uhhuh

    God she's stupid
    i'm tired

    my dad when he is asleep and wakes up he says the stupidest shit....he always falls asleep on the couch so hes sleeping on the couch and im on the loveseat and lauren comes in and i said "you owe me a back scratch" and she said "im going to sleep" and my dad wakes up and goes "who? wha?" me:"dad we werent talking to you"

    me and my dad were watching even stevens last night and he was was the one with bbmak....and when louis finds out he gets to play tambourine for them and he looks in his shirt and says "did you hear that abe?" and i don't know why but my dad was hysterical hah hes funny

    last night my tv was being screwy
    it would sudenly just go black and then to normal
    so here i am laying in my bed with the lights off
    and the tv goes black
    oh you guys know me
    i fricken flipped...i jumped up turned my ligh on and ran out my room to my dad where i say
    "dad my tv is being screwy again"
    dad:"huh wha? what do you mean"
    me:"oh would you just go look at it"
    dad:"yea sure" dad:*falls asleep*
    me:"DAD would you wake up?"
    dad:"yea im up"

    god hes retarded

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