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E x LOVE (itsybitsy_six24) wrote,
@ 2006-05-12 18:58:00
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    Current mood: jubilant

    i guess life is what you make it
    So school since spring break. wow its already been three weeks and it feels like one. the end of the year is gunna be over before i freaking know it. classes have been kinda easy lately because were mostly reviewing for exams and such. which means cramming will be here in a few weeks. yuuckk. everythings been pretty good lately.. its just all about to get crazy.

    track has been fun lately. i like meets alot more this year than last year. probably bc theres more than just me and julie. which is always a good thing. track at aq was fun. of course. then i had a night meet at eastridge the next day which sucked. it did just okay in all my events which turns into "i did crappy in everything". but guess what!! ANDY IS THE THROWING COACH. yupp, so hes gunna come a couple days a week for the rest of the season. hahah

    today was a half day. HECK YES. so we barely did anything all day which was hot. so i skipped practice with julie (yeah andy went to practice today, but whatev!) me jul and libbie went to the lilac festival. it was really nice and hot out and just a beautiful day. it was greattttt. we walked around and ate fried dough and milkshakes. the lilacs were so pretty and smelled really good too. then we went go karting which was way cool. when we were in the arcade playing whack-a-mole like the cool kids we are, we saw some kid with really long curly red hair standing in the corner. kinda weird. then he doing DDR and he was freaking AMAZING. it pretty much looked like he was spazing out. hahaha so my day was way better than practice. =)

    ps. isnt my new layout hot? i loveee it. and i totally made it too. on paint. it rocks

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hi erin**
2006-05-12 20:51 (link)
erin i saw you on tuesday. you rock at running. and jumping.
and all that good stuff.

we neeed to do something asap because i miss you very much.

we're watching deal or no deal and idk if you watch it, but theres this thing where viewers can pick a case and win 10,000 buck-a-roos and we def. did it and def. picked the right case. maybe we'll win and i'll bring you on a shopping spree. and then we can all go on vacation to somewhere exotic. or greece! i wanna go there. yup. it's gunna happen.
wow i really wish i had money.

my love for you > or = my love for money

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whatup butterbutt?
2006-05-27 21:22 (link)
hi erin. i left you a comment in here a while agon but i guess it never showed up bc i dont see any comments. or maybe you deleted it bc you didnt want ppl to know you hang out with me. thanks alot you bug jerk. -haha that was supposed to say "big jerk" not "bug jerk" but i think that looks funny so im gonna leave it. so how was having 4 days of classes and field day this week? probably not as cool as me with 3 days of classes and field day and no school friday. well i guess we're even you had holy thurs off and i didnt. I just went out to dinner and then went out and got ice cream afterwards and i feel fat. now that track is over i dont have an excuse to eat like a starved dog who has just been given a scrumptious piece of steak. mm i love steak. want to hear something funny? i was over julia's last night and jessie made pudding for us and i put a raddish in julia's but she took the wrong one so someone in her family is gonna have a surprise today!! heehee im so sneaky. yuck i have a buttload of homework to do, like 2 projects and a paper and i kinda started on one of the projects but i dont feel like doing them.agh im gonna regret this when i have to do them all monday night. hey at sectionals today i was watching 100m hurdles and a girl fell right in front of me and dislocated her shoulder- it was sooo gross. i felt bad for her tho bc everyone was staring at her and saying eeew. i didnt have to run =) i didnt have enought meets to qualify bc wasnt here during spring break and i missed 2 or 3 bc my achilles (i think i have tendonitis) (ugh) so it was cool eating a chocolate donut in front of everyone while they couldnt eat or they'd puke. oh yeah guess what....Angela's doing cross country next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wooohooooooooo im sooo excited- we now have 5 girls on our team! (not including incoming freshman) haha its so pathetic but whatever. ok this was kinda long and i should've done an email insead of comment but oh well.

see you later alligator

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Re: whatup butterbutt?
2006-06-06 15:25 (link)

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Re: whatup butterbutt?
2006-06-06 15:26 (link)
agh even that didnt show up.

well the rest was supposed to say ESA to finish THERESA and i had the less than signs but they dont show up

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