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E x LOVE (itsybitsy_six24) wrote,
@ 2005-10-26 11:22:00
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    Current mood: pissed off

    Computer Class
    So yeah, im in computer class right now. Muahaha. yeah its a waste of my time because were doing like power point crap. so im updating =)

    OK, SO YEAH, soccer sectionals were supposed to yeah YESTERDAY. i was all psyched (?) and so ready to play. i mean it was freezing and raining and windy, but still. so we got outside and were standing there and then the refs decide to postpone the game bc the field was "unplayable". ok so maybe i didnt want to play in that weather, but still im so disappointed. because now our game is today at 3 oclock in the freaking afternoon at flipping grace and truth park in greece. our game was a HOME game. and now no one is gunna be there and thats sad. =( so im rather pissed about that.

    whatever. wish us luck against mynderse.

    -->class is over

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2005-11-03 22:19 (link)
SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. (except it was cross country)

lets just say death to mercy highschool


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