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olga (ithinkimdumb67) wrote,
@ 2004-01-19 17:38:00
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    Current mood: depressed

    more shit.............
    journal number two, more whining...........haha, im talking to chase right now.he says he wants to get dreads........i dunno i havta see it.ROFL.omg i just read his story "The Story of 420 and the PotHead Canadian J0o".omg funnyest shit.u should check it out its on his aim profile.neways yeah im still trying to find a fender but no luck.o well,i'm still looking.
    im also thinkin of changing to buddism or wicken er not sure how happy my parental guidances would be but o well, its my life, i'll fuck it up as much as i want.
    hahahahahahahahahahahahah!! amanda carved KURT into her arm a wee bit obsessed arent we mandy? surpsied u could take the pain.
    i've been thinking, mabey kurt DID get murdered, but then again, who would want to murder such a hot and talented man??probobly a pshyco, sweaty, jealous middle aged man who lives in his moms basment and gorges himself on kool aid and bagel bites.damn you white trailer trash!!!

    ive been thinking should i try out for jungle book at kirk c.c???it would be soo awsome if i was kaa, but carol's probobly thinking of a guy to do it.god damn, friggin amanda is like obsessed with being the damn panther, shes convinced she'll get the part cuz of her hair.i have no idea what the hell hair has to do with it but whatever.

    why the hell r we living?? i mean ok in our lives we go to school,go to work have a family and then we die.its a shit circle.we drag our asses to school so we can get a good job.we get a good job so we can make good money.we need money to survive so we canhave enough money to have a funeral for ourselves when we croak.all of this so we can just die in a freak accident, have a fucking heart attack because we worry to much about worthless shit, or commit suicide in a few years anyways.we're basically just living a fucking piontless shit hole called life, so we can die.ALL WE ARE DOING IN LIFE IS PREPARING TO DIE!?!?

    overall im feeling really depressed for no reason whatsoever, i think the bipolar-ness in me is kickin in.
    hopefully ill last until tommarrow.

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