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olga (ithinkimdumb67) wrote,
@ 2004-01-18 16:41:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:NIRVANA-STAIN

    hey writing in your journal thing is um......interesting.Today pretty much sucked ass. iv gone through all of damn san jose and i cant find a fucking fender thta i can parents are making me pay for most of it myself because they think im a piece of shit and that im worth nothing, so i wont keep up with this guitar thing.then i had to go to the flea market to get this awsome bob marley poster she saw the other day.FLEA MARKETS ARE SCARY SHIT MAN.the was this one guy who kept looking at me really weird, i swear i thought i was gonna get eith raped or jumped.eeek....

    iv been working on a song for like a week now.i finally finished it today.its ok i guess, but i knowthat nothing i wright will never be as great as kurt, jim, bob, or anyone like that.basically, the great.

    why do people even do this journal thing, its a just a resource for people to spill their shit and whine about their life. o well............

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