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It Girl (itgurl04) wrote,
@ 2004-04-07 23:52:00
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    Current mood:happy
    Current music:Incubus- Nice to know you

    Nice to know you........ goodbye
    I went out for tea tonight with Linzi. We had a good chat i haven't seen her for a long time so that was nice.
    I spent the whole of yesterday with Joe:]we had a really nice time. He met my mum for the first time and my Gran. They seem to like him which i'm glad about. We went to see my little cousin Tommy. Hes so cute but hes scared of men and he cried at Joe so we didn't stay long. Then we met up with Mark and Emma for a drink and went shopping. We rented House Of a Thousand Corpses, i think thats what its called i have forgot. Its either written or directed by Rob Zombie or both i don't remember. Anyway its a really sic and twisted fucked up film. Its the scarriest one i have seen. So i had to cuddle up to Joe!!any excuse,lol. We then went and bought some vodka to have before we go out sunday night. Theres a lot of us going out Easter sunday for Bank Holiday so it will be fun. So many people to meet so little time!lol;] Joe is staying at mine so that will be nice. Then we just cuddled and watched TV:]
    I think i will be going out saturday night as its my friends birthday from work. But i have been asked to work sunday morning now:[ so no drink for me saturday night!
    I feel really awful and a little awkward with me not being able to meet my friends and go out with just them this weekend.I see them every weekend. I don't want them to think i'm dropping them but i have different groups of friends :/ its hard sometimes. I sent a friendship card to Sarah and Danny ( 2 of my closest friends ) to say thanks because of the trouble i had the other night with my ex and they were there for me:]
    Speaking of my ex! He phoned me again yesterday! he has fallen for his new girlfriend now!he has decided he likes her and she stayed at his house! why did i need to know that! I think i'm just thinking about the good times i had with him and not the bad. And the bad times and good times don't weigh out if you get me. So we would never work again even if we tried. I think he realised that and i think he maybe thought he came across as a fool asking me back out ( which he didn't to me but i think i got the feeling he felt that way )and he wanted to put up a front as if hes happy without me. Not being big headed and cocky if you catch my drift just the fact the he doesn't want me to think hes unhappy. I still love him but i'm getting over him. Slowly but surely.
    I'd like to stay friends and he wants to too which is a good thing, but he will never change. I'm glad not to be emotionally linked to him anymore.
    Anyway i really have to go to bed im tired out. I have been at work today. My manager has offered me more hours for when i leave college for me to get a bit of money.yay:] and i am meeting Joe tomorow and a friend- Stacey for tea to have a good ol chat.hehe. Nite nite world.x

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