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Mike (italianstud_30) wrote,
@ 2004-06-20 20:05:00
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    In one week from now it will be 14 years that I moved here to Oshawa from Sault Ste Marie. June 27, 1990 is the exact day that I moved to Oshawa. Funny how that before I moved to Oshawa that I was looking forward to it but when I moved here to Oshawa I felt different about it. I didn't really hate moving until the first day of school for grade 11 when it suddenly hit me cause I just realized that I am living here now and I wasn't going back to Sault Ste Maire. I felt like this for at least over 2 years maybe 3 years before I started liking living here in Oshawa. I like living here now but there some days where I am not crazy about this city. There are a lot of advantages to living here now than living in Sault Ste Maire like being able to see sporting events, concerts and other neat stuff to do. Also the future is brighter here. Would I have change things and not moved here? Well the answer is no though there are days where I feel different. Who knows what the future hold these days cause you just never know.

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