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Syena Panncrazio (italianbellezza) wrote,
@ 2003-07-04 22:16:00
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    Current mood: good
    Current music:"Kiss from a Rose" - Seal

    Hey there!
    Talked to Catt again which was nice. I forgot how much I love talking with her since she went away for so long and finally IM'ed me one day. *eyes her for taking so long* And she STILL doesn't have a name of her on or journal. At least she should get one on Live because thats where she says she Rp's. Must...bug..her..more...~_^

    That girl can be a natural fill-os-so-fer. *grins* I know it's spelled philosopher but it's just a word I don't use much that I had to, but she's also great to cheer you up hehe look!

    Syena02109: There you are again.
    BK ShootingStar: [*lopsided smile* Here I am.]
    Syena02109: *chuckles* You don't have to use the [], talking to Kidman himself would make me feel like a "star"

    Syena02109: You think vegitarians feel bad about eating Animal Crackers?
    BK ShootingStar: I don't think so. Perhaps they think 'Sugared Safari Tofu'.
    Syena02109: *laughs*
    Syena02109: So in the last time we RPed together. That was over a year ago wasn't it?! Who have you played since?
    BK ShootingStar: I haven't been around too much and even still it's hard to find bundles of time but I've played an Oscar, Stacy, Sean and Billy. I've just been playing only Peter for a few months.
    Syena02109: You played a Pete back then too right? *scratchscritchscratch*
    BK ShootingStar: lol Yes I did, though this Peter is very different than 'Kidman Pete' back then. More of a normal guy, or as much as I see him to be right now. Many sides to his character.
    Syena02109: He is too underused and misused usually.
    BK ShootingStar: By me?
    Syena02109: No, you played him well. But I haven't seen how you play your new Pete now. ~_^ I'm sure he's still good.
    Syena02109: Speaking of him, when he finally came back I wanted to yell "Sooomebody got a haircuuut!".
    BK ShootingStar: Hey, I thought he looked rather suave! Crisp shirt, two ladies next to him and those sharp sun glasses. Liquidy voice too. The hair wasn't too much of his appearance anyway.
    Syena02109: Sunglasses indoors = Attention getting badass
    BK ShootingStar: Or, 'hey, look at my glasses, sharp no?'
    Syena02109: He'll always have that face you just want to say Awww!
    BK ShootingStar: It's the eyes I tell you, he has those playful, but innocent eyes.
    Syena02109: Like a conman? Or looking like someone who knows something everyone else doesn't.
    BK ShootingStar: Perhaps he does. And he'll take it to the grave I bet. -least my Peter will heh-
    Syena02109: "The dark deadly secrets hiding in those deep eyes should come as no surprise with all he keeps inside."
    BK ShootingStar: *raises an eyebrow*

    lol Easily amused. Sorry. -_-;;

    And *hugs Nicci* feel better hun. My offer to talk is always open. Remember to make your bed and get some rest in the mean time.

    It's nice to be around more, I'm catching up on journals too. Getting there!

    EDIT - And I deleted my two characters on Blurty. Both Shane's, both lost and both in communities that are falling apart or near dead. Besides, I haven't played Shane well (Or to the point of how I thought he was good) for a while now. I get to look around again and play some various people, I've seen some nice looking new ones. Must go look.

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2003-07-05 18:51 (link)
heyy, if you find any good RPG's tell me! Ive got nothing to do in most of mine.. and the ones that I do have SL's in, the people are hardly ever on.

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2003-07-05 22:38 (link)
I haven't looked on Live or Blurty yet but I was told about these two new ones on brand new journal communities:

They look promising and after I bug a few peopleTo join and such, I probably will.

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2003-07-05 22:36 (link)
Hi, I used to be on your friends list but something weird went on with my blurty and somehow all of the people I was friends of just deleted me off in the process of a minute, so I think it was a fluke. If it was please can you add me back to your friends list? Thanks.

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2003-07-06 12:26 (link)
Added. :)

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2003-07-06 01:52 (link)
It is always good to catch up with old friends ... sometimes it can be kind of wierd, but the majority of it ends up pretty well.

I hope that everything is still going well ...

<333 SaNdRa

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2003-07-06 12:27 (link)
It was nice. And thank you, it is, hope everything is good for you. :)

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