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murder me beautiful (istilldream) wrote,
@ 2003-05-08 21:54:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:tom green - piggy hill

    i told you.
    here it is:

    ::Have You Ever::

    1. Kissed your cousin?: i only have 3 cousins and they are all guys. so no.
    2. Ran away?: once, i didn't get very far, my sister turned me in.
    3. Pictured your crush naked?: haha i think everyone does.
    4. Actually seen your crush naked?: once or twice.
    5. Broken someone's heart?: i think i have. she said i did, but who knows. she had a new boyfriend 3 days later.
    6. Been in love?: when i find it, i'll say yes.
    7. Cried when someone died?: who doesn't?
    8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have?: pssssh, yeah, like right now.
    9. Broken a bone?: haha have i?! many times. many bones.
    10. Drank alcohol?: come one. the previous entry is about going to a party. and yes, i am.
    11. Lied?: yeah, i have.
    12. Cried in school?: once. when my uncle died and people were making jokes about it. fucking assholes.

    ::Which is Better::

    13. Coke or Pepsi?: pepsi. no doubt.
    14. Sprite or 7UP?: 7-up. less carbonation.
    15. Girls or guys?: girls.
    16. Flowers or candy?: um i think flowers are pretty. especially pansy's. hahaha losers.
    17. Scruffy or clean shaven?: i only shave my "mustache". other stuff doesn't really grow fast.
    18. Quiet or loud?: it depends on the mood.
    19. Blondes or brunettes?: brunettes rock the house.
    20. Nice or playas?: shit nigga. who you think you is?
    21. Tall or short?: short girls.
    22. Pants or boxers?: i don't wear underwear. FREE, FREE BALLIN'!

    ::With the Opposite Sex::

    23. What do you notice first?: shoes, hair and eyes.
    24. Last person you slow danced with?: fuck if i know.
    25. Worst question to ask?: i don't get this question.
    26. Last person you showered with?: me?
    27. Had a great time with the oppostie sex?: of course. i do have SOME friends who are of the female sex.

    ::What is::

    28. Your good luck charm?: my watch haha
    29. The person you hate the most?: haha this thing isn't long enough.
    30. The best thing that happened to you today?: i fixed my journal.


    31. Color(s)?: black and pink. pink is the new black.
    32. Movie(s)?: i don't feel like typing them all, but "x-2" really rocked me.
    33. Book(s)?: the great gatsby, tender is the night.
    34. Subject in school?: english.
    35. Ice cream?: cookies n cream
    36. Holiday?: fuck, who cares? haha
    37. Season?: winter.
    38. Breakfast food?: pop tarts. or marshmellow matey's.
    39. Place to go on your honeymoon?: where ever she wants.


    40. Makes you laugh the most?: dylan, defenitly. "FUCK YOU FERNANDO!" "FUCK YOU TOO CEASAR!"
    41. Makes you smile?: pam.
    42. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them?: well i get a funny feeling in my crotch when we go down a steep hill in a car...
    43. Has a crush on you?: she loves him, and he loves her, and she loves somebody else, you just can't win...
    44. Do you have a crush on?: Hot hot heat. <--- i agree pam.
    45. Can make you feel better no matter what?: defenitly david and dylan. those fools rule.
    46. Is easier to talk to, guys or girls?: girls. totally. they can tell me how crappy they are.

    ::Do you ever::

    47. Sit by the phone waiting for a call all night?: well not sit by it, but i do await calls a lot.
    48. Save AOL conversations?: only if they are really important.
    49. Save E-Mails?: i read them and as long as they are journal notifications or junk mail, i save them incase i need them later. why you so damn curious anyway!?
    50. Wish you were someone else?: sometimes. well actually, always.
    51. Wish you were a member of the oppostie sex?: no way, i could never handle a period. big props girls.
    52. Cried because of someone's mean words?: yeah, once. it was harsh. you'd have to know what i'm talking about.


    54. Perfume?: i don't like perfume. it smells and gives me a headache.
    55. Kiss?: well i can't know it's the best until i die, then i'll say, "that kiss was the best with ____."
    56. Romantic memory?: uh, no. fuck you.
    57. Most recent advice given to you?: that, well, um, i don't get advice. i only give it. it's not fair.
    58. Fallen for your best friend?: no. i don't have one.
    59. Made out with "just a friend"?: once. it screwed things up.

    ::Have you ever::

    61. Been in love?: apparently not.
    62. Been in lust?: of course.
    63. Used someone?: no.
    64. Been used?: no.
    65. Been cheated on?: yeah. quite a few times.
    66. Been kissed?: nope, never.
    67. Done something you regret?: yeah. i have.
    68. What is it?: people.

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Advice Collumn Ask Anything And Everything
2003-05-09 01:29 (link)
Advice Collumn Ask Anything And Everything

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Re: Advice Collumn Ask Anything And Everything
2003-05-09 02:24 (link)
how convinient.

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Re: Advice Collumn Ask Anything And Everything
2003-05-09 02:57 (link)
i agree. very. too bad she couldn't help me.

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