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I am really not that cool (istealunderwear) wrote,
@ 2003-05-21 22:25:00
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    Current mood: aggravated
    Current music:television .... not the band the actual thing

    why can't people just put things away.
    I saw the matrix, it was good, not like the first one though. Went to the gym for the past 3 mornings, all before 10 AM, I am doing good and I know I have to keep going because I tried on bathing suits which made me depressed, I am hungry right now, but I know I shouldn't eat anything so I am trying really hard not to.

    I worked for the first time tonight, it was all right, I got 3 charge applications! WHAT WHAT! that is never going to happen again. I cam home and my CDs were all on my table and I didn't put them there. If you are going to use my stuff don't leave it lying around, I don't use your stuff and throw it around like it's mine. When I got out of work I called my friends to see what they were doing, and they were watching TV somewhere all together, and not me. and they didn't invite me, I hate that and I know one or all of them are going to read I'm just saying...I don't have any other plans, so I wouldn't mind being invited. I know I only talked to one of them, but just for reference.

    I got my work schedule for next week, and it's good. Sam is going to come up on Tuesday. It will be fun, although I have to work on my birthday, it doesn't matter, it's only 4 hours and it's time and a half. I don't know where to take him..any suggestions?

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2003-05-25 13:33 (link)
i know. it was immature..but i don't even care anymore...whats yours is your buissness and mine is mine. i know you won't like the things i do..... im probaly worse... but still whatever. i dont know you, youdon't know me.. i dont want to know don't want to know me.

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