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A. (ironic) wrote,
@ 2003-08-02 23:09:00
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    Current mood: geeky
    Current music:Bright Eyes - Let's Not Shit Ourselves

    <33 Friend's Only
    This journal is friend's only, with relatively good reason. Comment and add me and I'll gladly add you back. It's just...

    [x] My parent's always stumble upon my on-line journals some how. It's annoying as hell and it never ceases to amaze me. How do they do it?

    [x] Some people I just don't want reading what I write in here. You know, the guys I'm secretly in love with... 'friends' I secretly hate. Well, fuck the guys I'm secretly in love with part.

    [x] It's nice just knowing who may be reading my journal.

    I do comment when I find the time, which hasn't been much lately, but I'm going to try a lot harder. Soooo, if ya feel the need, add me. I love people and I especially love people who have a very similar taste in music... for music is my number one love. <3

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2003-02-07 08:11 (link)
My mom read my journal and sent me to a psychologist, hehehe

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(no subject) - ironic, 2003-02-15 01:42:36
Re: - missmolko, 2003-02-15 14:37:30

2003-02-07 17:37 (link)
ahh yes, i felt like adding u to my friends list. hope u don't mind.

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(no subject) - ironic, 2003-02-15 01:43:49

2003-02-09 19:50 (link)
add me? (i found you on the compatible thing)

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-02-15 01:43:07

2003-02-16 00:06 (link)
oooh ooh ADD MEE! ADD ME!! i added you =)

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-02-16 02:55:32

2003-02-16 00:59 (link)
hey... add me?

comment in my journal and ill add ya!

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(no subject) - ironic, 2003-02-16 02:56:20

2003-02-19 12:24 (link)
you and i were compatable...and since most of my interests are music, i think we have some similar tastes? i added you =)

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-02-19 22:48:41

2003-02-20 04:49 (link)
hey you seem cool, i'm adding you, add me back? =*(

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-02-20 21:06:22

2003-02-22 19:42 (link)
I added you.
I found you on that interest thingy.
You have good taste in music.

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-02-26 18:56:42

i wanna be
2003-02-22 22:02 (link)
i wanna be ur i mean like on ur friends list, ill add ya to mine too:)


(Reply to this) (Thread)

2003-02-26 18:48 (link)
It was in your profile once on AIM n I looked at it!:) Ur layout is awesome...mine looks bad tho lol wanna help me?

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-02-26 18:50:11

2003-02-26 22:55 (link)
why thankyou:)

(Reply to this) (Thread)

2003-02-28 16:50 (link)
your journal rocks...all the way down to the juliana theory comment links....lots in common

added ya...add me back por favor

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-03-02 17:58:28
Re: - storyofagirl, 2003-03-02 22:29:23

2003-03-04 01:15 (link)
add me in :-p

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-03-05 16:24:31

2003-03-06 00:52 (link)
You must be cool, since The Juliana Theory occupies your Blurty background! I've seen them twice, once back in July, and on Valentine's Day with Something Corporate. Totally kick ass.

Anyway, care to be friends? ^_^



(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-03-06 19:47:49

2003-03-11 16:17 (link)
hey i just came across ur journal and we some of the same i can u add me as a friend? ima go ahead and add u ok? :) <3 erin

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Re: friends - ironic, 2003-03-11 20:10:20

2003-03-14 00:58 (link)
hi! i added you because we're compatible, meaning you have kickass taste in music. and also, we share a few of the same friends. and also *gasp* you're in two of the communities i own. [empire records and taking back sunday.] so you're obviously awesome. add me back if you please!

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-03-15 20:40:51

2003-04-02 02:50 (link)
Hello, I saw that you had the ataris listed as one of your interests...and well, if you want to you can join my ataris community, sandimas because we need some more people. Thanks!

(Reply to this) (Thread)

2003-04-11 20:11 (link)
Can you add me please??

<3 mineral!

(Reply to this) (Thread)

Re: <33333333 - ironic, 2003-04-12 19:16:09

2003-04-11 22:21 (link)
Hey, you don't know me but i came to your journal somehow. You seem really cool and interesting! I added you onto my friends list, i hope that's ok. If not, please let me know! :)


(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-04-12 19:13:59

2003-04-13 01:13 (link)
My parents have come across my journals too... my mom thought I was a skank because of all my sex jokes, and have threatened to send me to a psych because of some of the other things... she has before... damn her. Anyhoo, would it be alright if I added you to my friends list on both blurty and lj? My usernames are the same... comment back.


(Reply to this) (Thread)

2003-04-13 18:00 (link)
i am promptly in love with your layout.
Lol. you seem nice, i added you.
add me back? thx

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-04-17 02:23:16

2003-04-22 15:53 (link)
hey! I love your journal! add me? I added you! xoxo

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-05-06 23:57:13

2003-04-28 10:38 (link)
I'm not using my UJ much, I've got an LJ code and I've rdiscovered the joys of Blurty, so I was hoping I could add you on here and on LJ?
Love Willow

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-05-06 23:58:10

2003-05-04 14:23 (link)
add me?

(Reply to this) (Thread)

(no subject) - ironic, 2003-05-06 23:58:58

2003-05-08 11:08 (link)
Will you be my friend?

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