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Andria (iron_sock219) wrote,
@ 2003-09-02 13:30:00
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    Current mood: full
    Current music:Spirited Away in the front room

    Im writing with the deadjournal.. livejournal client.
    I think it actually works.
    I wonder if this means Ill be able to write in uJournal too?
    So as of right now, I have 3 journals.

    I just ate chicken with Mushroom sauce and greens and rice. I love Rice and Mushroom sauce.
    My moms coming over from work because I made enough for her too. I happy knowing that she can come home from work and eat really good food. And then go back to work and look down at her co-workers and be like '*sigh* I just had a GOOOOD lunch. OH yeah!"
    I think shes home.
    I think I just heard the lock on the door.
    I better get off.
    I dont want her thinking that im on the computer all day.
    Although I might be.
    Oh well. Im going to wash the dishes soon.
    I can clean when Im home alone with the dogs.
    I just cant clean when my moms here. Or my sister. Cuz i just know theyre going to make more stuff dirty while im cleaning. So i just say, Why clean if theyre just going to make more stuff dirty.
    I doesnt make sense, I guess.
    I just like being alone and cleaning.
    OK im gonna get off.

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