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O'Malley (irishjuggernaut) wrote,
@ 2004-10-02 10:47:00
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    Game day bitches!!!!!
    captains log, october 2, 2004

    its almost time for me to be heading out to the pitch as we play our rivals, radford. Its been a long week of hard practices and a lot of work. but hopefully it will pay off big time so i can get even more blasted at the social (free pre gaming) and then off to one of the house to get blasted. rugby parties are always fun to be at6, a fun group of guys, a bunch of lovely ladies (u know who u r), and of course the factor that ties us together .... booze, lots and lots of booze. then wake up late tomorrow and watch the jets game. maybe make my way out to the mall before hand to pick up some supplies from walmart suh as the kraft dip the the crew loves so much, more soda, maybe some shrimp, and of course some more supplies for my george foreman. well its about time i got kitted up for the game. going to kick some ass then at the social going to get drunk and sing about it. i think i am on the venue for beer boxing again, fun fun.
    end transmission

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