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Megan (iridescence13) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 22:15:00
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    Current mood: sleepy

    Its Me Again.
    Right now I am very bored, and that sux because who likes to be bored? I am going to get a cup of coffee soon because I am tired and I need it to keep me awake! Today my dad went out to get me a new brake for my rollerbaldes, the problem is that sportcheck didnt have one that fit my rollerblade. So now dad is going to go out to a whole bunch of other ones to find one just for my rollerblade. He really is a kind person when he needs tp be. Just because my parents saw an article on the news the other day about somebody falling on their rollerbaldes and dieing from a brain injury, they now are putting pressure on me to wear a helmet. I understand why and all because they don't want me to get hurt. But my point is why wear one when there isnt even a law on wearing one. If its so dangerous shouldn't there be a law? And how come no one i see outside wears one? Geez, Society and Parents today! What are we gonna do with them! Well outside right now its stormy with very loud thunder. I hope it doesn't last too long or I may not be able to fall asleep later on! Tomorrow we have some of my moms friends comming to visit from BC. That means I will have to aid in cleaning up the house. (Oh goodie! - not!). Anyways since I have nothing else better to say, I should probably go and get that cup of coffee before i fall asleep on the keyboard. Have fun reading about my boring life, for as you can see my day has been full of excitment (note the sarcasm). Good Night to all!

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