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laurie anne (iowneriksbooty) wrote,
@ 2003-02-28 21:16:00
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    I am venting about life!!
    I am at home on a friday night. nothing to do and i just ended a long day with my neice. She's so loveable she's like almost 2 and i swear she's going through her terrible twos. i do want a kid but i don't. i guess i am not ready. Pretty sad eh 29 and not ready. I don't know maybe that's a good thing. I am not lonely. I haven't had a boy friend in 6 months i like being single. Everyone askes me are you lonely. I am like no not really. I love my freinds. i have the best on line friends ever. They understand me and they are so younger then me.. But it feels like i am a big sister to them..
    I want to get drunk. Last weekend it was my sisterinlaws birthday and i drank so much. I don't know why.. i felt like it. If you seen the movie My big fat greek wedding and when they said opaha that was me that night. Every time one of us said it we had to take a shot of what my mom gave us. Yeah i said my mom. She's so great she's so much fun. She turned 50 this year and doesn't look it. Good for her.. Next year it's my dad's 50. I am going to be 30 please help me lol.. i don't want to be 30 i want to be 25 again.. errrrr.. that was my party years... I am going to go for now.. But reply or something.. luv LA

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Your doin good
2003-03-01 15:45 (link)
Hey Laurie! Ya it basically got the hang of it, just type a message like u would at SIJ.. Then at the bottom u can put what mood ur in and there will be a pic, and what ever ur listening to..

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2003-03-05 13:57 (link)
Hey laurie!!
Lmao... Nicole just told me today that you had a blurty and that you left me a message on mine.. lol! its quite funny..I just thought i would tell you that i finally got your message and I know you have one now.. lol!
love yah girl

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Re: Hey
2003-03-05 17:13 (link)
Hey kales its okay i am going to do that tonight lol i miss hearing from you.... You should call me next weekend... errrrr. just kidding or friday night.. did you see the boys on kelly and regis... luv yah lots LA!!

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