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Terri (inzaghibaby) wrote,
@ 2003-02-23 15:02:00
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    Current mood:bored
    Current music:David Usher (forest Fire)

    Today has not been much of an interesting day!I still can't get over the
    fact that Bon Jovi is gone.....sigh!!!
    Well my dad got 2 tikets to the red hot chillie peppers, and he's on
    the floor!!!(really good seats)! The best seats I have ever sat in were
    whites which is pretty sad!!!My annoying friend samantha keeps on
    telling me how shes going 2 the next bon jovi concert.......yadayadayada!
    The only songs she probably even heard of are always, bed of roses
    and some from the new album!Lets not forget this aint a love song!

    The good news is that there is one more week until march break!Thank
    God!No Lepore for a week!!!She can't pronounce my name!!!She calls
    me TREESA!!!She's always complainig on how i never do my homework!!!
    Well Milan is in 2nd place, and i am happy for them! Screw Juventus!

    It's snowing cats and dogs !!!This weather sucks!My mom is listening to
    U2 full blast !My head is going 2 explode!
    Well this is my boring day 4 u !


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2003-02-23 17:20 (link)
my baby is actually updating.
What exactly is wrong with U2 full blast? It could be some embarassing french stuff, like my mom, you know. But, I understand, I think we've had our fill of loud music for the century, with all that screaming and yelling we did at the concert.

Bon Jovi's gonna be back really soon! And it's gonna be my birthday party! Yay! You're coming, right? :(

And don't lie. You LOVE being called Treesa/

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