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Zack (insomniac_zack) wrote,
@ 2003-10-28 23:31:00
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    Paper Dos
    For my next paper I have established my topic. It is related to a paper that i have to do for another class, so hopefully they can feed off and help each other, which would help me because i would have that much more expertise in that field. The field, and therefor the subject, is going to be language in animals. In my subect proposal i go over the differences that are going to be discussed in the two seperate papers. One will deal with the issue of teaching animals (oragutans in particular) language, and if it is indeed language and the paper for our english class will also involve the language and communication that is already existant in animals. I think that i will really enjoy this paper because not only to i really like animals and the such i also am really interested in how their language compares to human language. I have some good ideas for research such as interviewing my linguistists teacher who is a PhD in lingistics and who also probably knows of some good research that she can tell me about so i can look further into it. Also the internet has a huge amount of information to sort through on opinions on both whether animals have language and whether they can be taught it.

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2003-11-02 18:16 (link)
Ok, so this is the old paper idea.

For the new paper idea, i think your suggestions about research sites are strong! for historical background, it would be interesting to show us in vivid detail some of the halloweens of the past. also, look for stories in the Enterprise-Record and the CN&R. good!

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