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Lindsey (insanesqueaky) wrote,
@ 2004-07-07 03:35:00
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    Current mood:amused

    Peoples Choices
    We meet alot of different people in our lifetimes, yet we let so many of them affect our lives in such ways that in the end we, ourselfs ask why we let them affect us like that. Growing up I used to want to be someone I am never going to be. Now I just want to be myself. Over the years I've come to realize that it doesn't matter about though people anyways. Sometimes this makes me wonder about people. Like why do girls freak out over some loser guy who dumped them, specially when the guy is never really going to amount to nothing anyways. Better yet why do guys feel the need to sleep around and drink like retards... Like its really going to make them cooler when they are 24 and too drunk to pass college.
    In my life there are things like Why does it still bothers me when my ex who I only dated for 4 months and never really had a relantionship with tells me he met someone else? Its like he tells me that and I pretty much think to myself.. time to go get drunk now bye! Now chances are I am not going to drink nor really think about this other than when I see him. Yet it still makes me wonder why this would bother me speically since seeing some kid get run over in the street would bother me more than if he were to die.
    Than there is things like why is it when I stopped giving a rats ass about whether or not Someone likes me or If some girl is better than me.. or if my b/f has more and started caring about going to school , making good grades and working that now I've become some less of a friend to these people ... than they feel the need to prove some point like I am a child who needs time out. In the end I just end up laughing and saying F off anyways so why do they do it?
    Not everyone is like this, I know plenty of people who are just themselfs. Who if I were ever to need them they would be there for emotional, fun ,etc support When I am around these people they make me remember why I want to be myself. Why I dont care for thoughs self-centered pricks who just want up my ass anyways..These are the people I call my friends or my " buddys"
    With them I dont have to worry about anything. Cause I know they are just around to have a good time. They feel the same way about 90% of the stuff I do. If they dont, they explain why and its all good Yet these are the same people who have Idiots for friends... I guess no one is perfect

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