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blah (insanepirate) wrote,
@ 2003-05-31 13:22:00
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    Current mood: tired

    Mc D fun
    last night me and cheryl and sara h and erin and rob and lori and jackie and adam all went out the royal to eat.. it was soo much fun.. we joked and laughed and lori ate like a pig.. we also had some awesome convos.. and there was this guy with this big ugly nose..

    ugh.. work is my life, i think i should buy a cot, pitch it up and sleep there.. last night alot of people loved me.. i did alot of detail work for donna so rob, lori, and erin helped me do a bunch of regular stuff.. it was fun.. tonite i month end - OH JOY!!

    haha. apparently becky saw nicole bollinger's pictures and said my dress was pretty but i shoulda went with someone else.. i wanna know who that someone else was.. so i asked her.. she got all red and told me she never said it.. but i laughed and told her to tell me.. she wouldn't though.. haha oh well


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2003-06-28 17:05 (link)
Have I been replaced? is there some other Erin?
-- Erin in Sweden

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