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Realm of INSANITY!!!!! (insanekid66654) wrote,
@ 2003-07-08 16:35:00
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    Current mood: weird
    Current music:Linkin Park- Faint

    A Boring DAY
    Whoa Today was so boring...I was awake last night till 6:30....I was so full of life and now everything went to hell....This is my first post on this thing.....But I think I want to sleep....or maybe just lay down on the keyboard? Who cares? My head hurts......I think Kathleen( My very good friend) Is mad at me....I only have a small conversation from her and me..I lost the rest of it..because I closed the IM box by accident

    BaDtZxCwAzieEe: theres a beer bottle....
    SeiferAlmasy878: Who would want a beer bottle belly ring?
    BaDtZxCwAzieEe: lol
    SeiferAlmasy878: " Oh I like beer so this is my way of showing it.."
    BaDtZxCwAzieEe: ergh.....
    BaDtZxCwAzieEe: whatever.
    SeiferAlmasy878: Initials...Isnt that to simple or Can you have design with it?
    SeiferAlmasy878: ......
    Auto response from BaDtZxCwAzieEe: I am away from my computer right now.
    SeiferAlmasy878: mmkay
    SeiferAlmasy878: thats cool
    SeiferAlmasy878: i get it O.o;;;
    SeiferAlmasy878: .......
    SeiferAlmasy878: :-(versation from her and me

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2003-07-10 16:26 (link)
niiiiice....kinda depressing tho.......i hope u feel more happy in the future....yeah! It sees ur a lil sad about..."something" *wink* i hope u have more better times lov ya miri

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