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Realm of INSANITY!!!!! (insanekid66654) wrote,
@ 2003-07-19 21:16:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Sounds of AJ choking...>.<;

    No wonder this is the Realm of Insanity...
    Chat MADNESS..Not really madness...I need some Coffee..I feel sick...I was so damn hyper last night. Like i was Fucking high or something...

    SeiferAlmasy878 : You know what I`ve learned? The only good people in this world are people like me...
    AJKisaragi : O.o; lol
    SeiferAlmasy878 : So bored..Lets go in a chatroom
    SeiferAlmasy878 : I need to occupy myself..
    SeiferAlmasy878 : In the Darkness....>.<
    AJKisaragi : All right hold on...Follow me..

    OnlineHost : *** You are in "Arts and Entertainment - KH RPG" . ***
    SoraXKeyblade : :: He lets go of her, his touch , so soft and smooth, he smiles warmly at her presence, as if he is not alone anymore in the world :: " Thank you...Kairi..."
    BrokenHeartKairi : :: She returned the smile to him, and giggled at his reply, she was so used to him :: " For what Sora? "
    SeiferAlmasy878 : Dude...
    AJKisaragi : ...
    SeiferAlmasy878 : And we are in here for?.....
    SoraXKeyblade : :: He suddenly looked serious :: " For everything... I wouldnt have gotten through without you, I really liked you from the start "
    SeiferAlmasy878 : LOL I`ve heard that corny line before...
    AJKisaragi : LMAO
    SoraXKeyblade : [] Ignore them... []
    SeiferAlmasy878 : Yes Yes Ignoring me will fix everything..Just like it cured Cancer...
    AJKisaragi : LMAO!!
    BrokenHeartKairi : :: She looked up at him, her eyes shining :: " Sora..I dont know what to say "
    SoraXKeyblade : :: He smiled and pulled her into a soft kiss, before doing so he says softly..:: Then dont..
    AJKisaragi :: OOH Push him off!
    BrokenHeartKairi : ::She opens her eyes startled, but closes them and kisses back passionatly ::
    SeiferAlmasy878 : Wow 14 Year Olds can kiss passionately...
    AJKisaragi : lol a bit young arent we CHILDREN?
    SoraXKeyblade : [] This is future RP for your information..[]
    SeiferAlmasy878 : Is it now? You predicting futures now?
    SoraXKeyblade : [] Its RPG you play the Character the way you want to. []
    SeiferAlmasy878 : I`m guessing you and your little girlfriend do this everyday..
    SoraXKeyblade : [] What would you care If I do? []
    SeiferAlmasy878 : Get out of your parents Basement and do something with your life.
    SeiferAlmasy878 : Judging by the way you RP you seem mature like a fucking 20-year old. I do go online everyday but I dont sit and RP waiting Impatiently for the persons reply..I RP with only one person and I dont even do it everyday. Hell I even have a girlfriend. You have an Online Girlfriend.
    AJKisaragi : ...
    BrokenHeartKairi : (( lets go to another chat ne? ))
    SoraXKeyblade : [] Good Idea []
    SeiferAlmasy878 : See that? You didnt even listen to a word I typed..Jesus man Do something.
    OnlineHost : SoraXKeyblade has left the room
    OnlineHost : BrokenheartKairi has left the room
    AJKisaragi : Thats the first smart thing you said since you were in 1st grade.
    SeiferAlmasy878 : Are you trying nto offend me?! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!! -chokes, hits against wall -
    AJKisaragi : * makes dying noise and dies *

    BLah Blah and thats basically all we did Like in the previous entries...

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