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Realm of INSANITY!!!!! (insanekid66654) wrote,
@ 2003-07-13 20:19:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:Stone Sour- Get Inside

    TIHS STUPID THING NEEDS SPELL CHECK!!!!! Jesus I spelled like alot of things wrong..I was sleepy though... So When I yelled at AJ, he gets online after a few hours, while I talk to some of my other friends...I didnt want to talk to him, because hed just get mad about the breakage of his glass or because I yelled at him. But I knew I was right. He shouldnt have hooked me up with Alexa, knowing what kind of person she is. SHE cheated on me with Danny in my face..I should have broken her heart. But, he should have warned me, he knew what kind of person she is and that she was with Danny while me..I shouldnt have fallen in love with her and I still am. I miss her cold touch, her soft laughter..her touching spirit....You couldnt stop thinking about her like that. And shes gone away from me like a bag in wind...I cant stop thinking about her...I cant...she was the kind of person everyone would like. But I expected this somehow..I shouldnt have done that to AJ. He was and is my best friend...Sorry AJ READ this entry..cause I`m not repeating it...I love you Alex, i always will...Your always going to be there...No matter what....Take Care of yourself..Okay? Read this and see what I mean..I`m sorry Andrew. Danny you better treat her right...Anyway..I might have spelled something wrong, so you people who are going to comment..DONT unless its something useful...I NEED MORE COMMENTS PEOPLE I`M GETTING EMOTIONAL AND NO ONE CARES BUT ONE!!!!!!

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2003-07-14 00:38 (link)
o man! o man! Good entry....I like it! I dont think it was too happy, and it talked a lot about ur gf...well i guess not your gf..i hope it goes well with your friend...he obviously didnt mean to make you mad...and if you still like your ex after she cheated on need fix offence. I don't mean to cause trouble, because I REALLy like you! all's tht i am saying is that maybe you should, talk to your friend and make up, and yo should get over your EX...I hope you don't hate me becaus i know how it feels...I hope i helped!!! See ya!

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