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Kara-AnNe (inner_beautyx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-02 23:59:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:freakish- saves the day


    *1. Full Birth Name: Kara Anne Henderson

    *2. Natural Hair Color: Dirty blonde to light brown wid blonde streaks

    *3. Hair Color Currently: see above

    *4. Eye Color At Birth: dark brown but then it went really blonde

    *5. Eye Color Currently: dark oceanish blue color

    *6. Height Currently: 5'2 and 3/4

    *7. Glasses/Contacts: yah, but i never wear either

    *8. Birth date: may 22nd 1989

    *9. Sign: *GEMENI* :)

    *11. Parents Names: Kathy and Gerard

    *12. Siblings: Shannon (18) Brooke (16)

    *13. Location: Shittsville, New york haha

    *14. School Attended: CMS.. soon to be CHS :)

    *15. Grade attend: 8th.. soon 2 b a *frosh chicc*

    *16. G. P. A.: uhh.. well my average wsa 89

    *17. College Plans: Well eventually

    *18. Planned College Major: Not yet

    *19. Planned College Minor: Not yet

    *20. Any Piercing: only one .. in my ears, i had 2 more but they closed up

    *21. Any Tattoos: Not yet, I wanna get a fairy on my bad.. or a gemini sign


    *1 Best Girl Friend(s): Amanda M, and Sarah

    *2. Best Guy Friend(s): Joey burke/Ronald hehe

    *3. If You Could marry Anyone Who Would It Be? <3SHIA LABEOUF<3

    *4. Current Dating Partner: - no one

    *5. Current Crush: shia labeouf.. uuh sexy

    *6. Hobbies: Shopping, Chillen, AIMing, Movies, Swimming, tanning, hangin wid my gurls/guys

    *7. Where Can You Usually Be Found: Online, Mall, friends houses, outside chillen wif my gurls/guys

    *8. Who Can You Usually Be Found With: Amanda M or kali cause she lives right by me and we've been close since we were 2 .. aww moment haha

    *9. Cell Phone: Noo my stupid ass parents can be thanked for that

    *10. Pager: naww

    *11. Are You Center Of Attention Or Wallflower: Center of attention.. (hehe especially at dances) I love dancin in the middle of everyone, what can i say.. I love attention :)

    *12. What Type Automobile Do You Drive: I dont have a car .. only 14

    *13. What Type Automobile Do You Wish You Drove: Spyder eclipse 2003 electric blue with a white convortable top and white leather interior.. with a black light that goes in the grill of the car :)

    *14. Who Do You Know Personally That Has The Best Car: .. my dad..? eew ik that sounds gay.. but thats all i can think of

    *15. Are You Timely Or Always Late: I call it .. fashionably late lol

    *16. Would You Rather Be With Friends Or On A Date: With friends while on a date= group date :)

    *17. Where Is The Best Hangout: peoples basements!!

    *18. Do You Have A Job: I wish .. cause i need $ .. but once again.. age check

    *19. Where Do You Attend Church: I used to.. but ne more

    *21. Are You Active In Your Youth Group: Not since 2nd grade

    *22. Do You Like Being Around People: Yes.. unless their bitchy

    FRIENDS: Out Of Your BFF's (or friends in general)


    *1. Have You Known The longest ?: Kali hickman.. known since i was 2

    *2. Do You Argue The Most With: Emily Cutting or kali

    *3. Do You Always Get Along With: Amanda M

    *4. Is The Most Trustworthy: Sarah Davis

    *5. Makes You Laugh The Most: Well emily c used to.. but we're not so close ne more, so prolly sammy c

    *6. Has Been There Through All The Hard Times: Emily cutting

    *7. Always Has A Man/Woman: Shayla glynn haha

    *8. Is The Most Sensitive: me

    *9. Has The Coolest Parents: Marianetti.. her moms a sweetie idk her dad 2 well.. but kalis dad rox :)

    *13. Is The Most Blunt: .. dk?

    *14. Is The Shyest: Nicky dennis

    *15. Is The Most Outgoing: Ashonta Jones

    *16. Is Most Rebellious: Kali..? idk lol

    *18. Is Most Likely To Become Famous: Sarah davis :)

    *19. Is Most Likely To Become Rich: Leigh waymouth

    *20. Is Most Likely To Wind Up In Jail: Kali hahaha jpin

    *21. Is Most Likely To Have a Million kids: Gretchen coates

    *22. Is Most Likely To never Have Kids: kali or sarah

    *23. Always Wears A Smile: sarah

    *24. Is Smartest: nicky

    *25. Has The Biggest Attitude: alysia

    *26. Without Thinking About It, Who would die for you: I would only die for 3 .. kali amanda and sarah.. but i love all my other gurls truly..

    *27. Complains The Least: nicky

    *28. Biggest Flirt: arika

    *29. Needs A Good Man: me and sarah haha

    *30. who would Never EVER Betray You: .. amanda.. marianetti..


    *1. Who Is Your Role Model: christina aguilera .. I know that sounds shallow and stupid dizty gurl sounding.. but I mean if u think about it, even though she is a lil skanky.. shes still true to her self, I mean she gets all that shit from the media and she still works through it shes had to go through alot of bad friendships (like me) and she jus makes me beleive in myself and that I can b strong, and I dont need people who brng me down

    *2. What Are Your Pet Peeves: POSERS.. posers posers posers.. people pretending to be what their not just to fit their friends images or ideas of what they tihnk is cool or whatever..

    *3. Have You Ever Been In Love: No

    *4. Have You Ever Really Liked Someone You Had No Chance With: Yes.. sadly

    *5. Have You Ever Cried Over The Opposite Sex: Yes..

    *6. Do You Have A "Type" Of Person You Always Go After: Well I have 2 types, but their completley different form eachother

    *7. How Long Was Your Longest Relationship: 1 month hahaha

    *8. Have You Ever Lied To Your Best Friend(s): Not the ones that I really considered best friends..

    *9. Ever Wanted To Get Revenge On Someone Because They Hurt You: YES

    *10. Ever Been Lied To By A Significant Other: Probably

    *11. Ever Been Cheated On: I dont think so

    *12. Ever Said I Love You To A Significant Other: Yes and i didnt mean it.. and he didnt mean it either, I found out soon after lol

    *14. Rather Be Dumper Or Dumpee: uhh this is a hard one.. obviously dumper

    *15. Rather Have a Relationship or A "Hookup": Depends, if i really like someone and I like them more then jus physically relasonship.. other wise .. 'hoookup'

    *16. Want Someone You Don't Have Right Now: Yes, always

    *17. Ever Liked Your Best Guy/Girl Friend: well sort of.. but i never admitted it

    *18. Are You Lonely Right Now: for a guy that will treat me right.. for friends and family, no

    *19. Ever Afraid You'll Never Get Married: Kinda.. not really..

    *20. Do You Want To Get Married: Probably yes

    *21. Do You Want Kids: Im not even goin to think of that right now

    *22. Do You Believe In Psychics: No

    *23. Do You Believe You Know Who You Are Going To Marry: Like.. idk.. wait what?

    *24. What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Physical Looks: My hair when its being agreeable

    *25. What Is Your Favorite Part Of Your Emotional Being: Im sensitive.. that can b good and bad, cause im sensitvie when people say things i get offended and emotional easily, but I am also sensitive twoards others feelings and stuff

    *26. Are You Happy With You: *sigh*.. Well each day I am becoming more so..

    *27. Are You Happy With Your Life: I'm happy with parts of it-other parts theres people I wish I woulda never met and guys I never even thought of liking

    *28. Are You Scared Right Now: Yes.. cause im home alone and its scary at nighttime ahh haha

    *29. If You Could Change Something In Your Life, Right Now, What Would it be? Not changing the negetive aspects of my life for a long time.. I waited to do that for a while

    30. Say Something To Someone That May Or May Not Read This: Every word that comes out of your mouth is bull shit


    *1. Quote: "Things happen in your cant stop, but thats no reason to shut out the world just live your life to its fullest"

    *2. Room In house: my room

    *3. Girl's Name: Shanikwa.. haha jpin.. umm Kristina.. cause i like the name Kris for a gurl

    *4. Guy's Name: Ian or Eathen

    *5. Ice cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Butter Almond crunch.. mm haha

    *6. Person to talk to about your problems: Sarah or emily

    *7. Type of music: emo, rap, hip-hop

    *8. Magazine: Cosmogirl

    *9. Song: Anything saves the day

    *10. Shampoo: Fruit sensations- herbal encesses

    *12. Soap: Body soap

    *13. Movie: holes

    *14. Actor/Actress: Shia labeouf

    *15. Beverage: coke

    *16. Candy: hershys hugs- werthers- after dinner mints-ermm.. resees :)

    *17. Gum: Big Red or bazooka

    *18. Sport To Play: Softball.. Cheerleading- (dont hate me).. Volleyball, gymnastics

    *19. Sport To Watch: Cheerleading championships or gymnastics

    *20. Subject In School: English and Social studies

    *21. Time Of Day: Late after noon

    *22. Family Member: Thats mean! haha

    *23. Number: 10

    *24. Salad Dressing: NONE

    *25. Blanket/Stuffed Animal: Flomo

    *27. Quote From A Movie: too tired to thinkin of it right now

    *28: Day Of The Week: Friday

    *29. Color: black and hot pink together, and kind of pink, electric blue

    *30. Perfume And Cologne: -

    *31. TV Show: Will & Grace, Survivor, Degrassi

    *32. Flower: Somehing prettyyy

    *33. Pair Of Jeans: LEI's or paris blues

    *34. Fast Food Place Burger king or Tom wahls

    *35. Game: Pay day

    *36. Teacher: Summertime.. sry

    *37. Love Song: Are u ready for love- India Arie

    *41. Month: July

    *42. Season: Summer

    *43. Vacation Spot: The beach

    *44. Person To Give Advice To: ??

    *45. Person To Get Advice From: Emily or sarah


    1. Cried? no

    3. Gotten Sick? yes

    4. Sang? Yeah

    5. Eaten? yes

    6. Been Kissed? Nope

    7. Felt Stupid? Oh yahhhh thats a definte

    8. Said I love you? Yep

    9. Wanted To tell someone you loved them but didn't? No

    10. Met someone new? nope

    11. Moved on? No

    12. Talked to an Ex: Yes

    14. where did 13 &14 go? huh ooh i get it.. haha i feel stupid now.. umm they got erased?

    15. Had a Serious Talk: Yeah

    16. Missed someone? yes.. chippie

    17. Hugged Someone? Yes

    18. Fought with you parents? Kinda no

    19. Fought with a friend? erm *thinks* noo

    20. Dreamed about someone you can't be with? yesss

    21. Had a lot of sleep? Yes.. slept till 3:30 in the afternoon the other day

    22. Describe the Funniest thing that happened: eeh to lazy and tired

    23. Wanted the Survey to be over: YES LEMME GO TO BED

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