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Shauna (inji) wrote,
@ 2004-01-26 20:31:00
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    Current mood:RANTING!!! and wants a date;.;

    CCD RANT!!!
    Ok, so like i have to go to CCD right, well i dont like it. I dont believe anything that they r teaching! I hate it! Anyway next week we dont have class because the church is protesting against gay and lezbian marrage!

    HOW UNFAIR IS THAT!!?? it should be perfectly alright for two guys to get married! And they should be socially axepted. Its not fair for them to say if you're a girl and u love another girl, thatu cant get married! SO unfair!

    OK, now that i've ranted on that a little, ill tell u about wut we did in class.

    We went down to the hall to watch a movie. it was suposed to be on family and on theproblems in the family. and the kids that they have in this thing r real peopel anbd r suposed to be roll models. Well they all do craK and pot...

    The movie was like saying, do pot its ok.

    How fucked up is that!? They shouldnt be showing us perfectly well off people (or at least they seem to be) that are on craK. We'll start doing it!! Is that what they want? more poepel to do drugs!?

    Ok, so now down to the social part. Joe took off his glasses again to watch the movie because i had said he loks better without them...and e does but uhh...seeing is afraid he's gonna like kill his eyes because he's being stupid...:D

    We sat next to eachother and talked everyonce and a while. Twas fun fun but i think he is afraid of me...NO i KNO he is O_O Im not that scary am i?

    I really hope to getr out of the house this Friday night.... I think we're all going to the mall...I sure hope so... Fridays I always need to get out. Normally no other time, but this weekend i REALLY wish i had more to do...



    thats about it

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2004-03-27 17:25 (link)
This is random, but I didnt know you went to CCD, too! I go in Wilmington, tho~.^

I thought I was the only one... *shrugs* Whatever.

I hate it too. So boooooooring....

Im done. ^^


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