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Shauna (inji) wrote,
@ 2004-01-20 14:15:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    catching up
    Gah! I haven't updated in ages, and i am sorry for's not like anyone's reading this...I have no readers. Oh well.

    So uhh, Friday we had off cuz o cold. I went to LIndsey's with Nipa. we did things. Sat was a lazy day. Sun Lindsey and Nipa came over. I showed them my manga. They said it was good and that they liked it. But i dont kno if they're being honest. I hope though... ;.; Monday we had of. We went to see LOTR. Twas awesome. Very kick ass.

    I keep thinking today is Monday. o.o ...But its not!!

    I Hate HomeWork... DAMN U HW!!

    so uhh...ya, new semester. woo? We had art today. Mrs Stoner (haha she has a stupid name) re-defines the word Bitch. I fucking hate her guts. She should rot in hell. Wait, no, Hell is too good for her.

    So anyway, they have these valentine greeting things...they'll put them in the paper...if u want to be all "I love u" for V day... O.O psh! like ima do it. It'd be lovely if someone did it for me tho XD

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