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Shauna (inji) wrote,
@ 2004-05-25 20:53:00
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    Current mood: thankful

    Friendship at work
    One thing in life that i really love is seeing two of my really close friends talking to eachother and really having fun doing it too.

    I absoluteley love watching two of my close close friends bonding right before my eyes. Its awesome to see them talk and really see proof of their friendship. You can sence the sencerity from those conversations and you can sense love from them.

    watching people like Joe and Nick talk and Kathleen and Chrissy and Chrissy and Mickle and Jess and Hen. When these people have conversations with eachother, just the two of them, it really warms my heart because two people that i love, love eachother too. ^^ even if they're exchanging insults, i like it when you can feel warmth from they're convos...

    I love just watching them talk. It makes me so happy to see that these people are friends. And im so happy for them.

    I might love it so much in part to the fact that I never shut up and when they just have this casual talk filled with love and friendship i can keep my mouth shut and just not butt in for once.

    I love seeing my friends be friends...its the best feeeling in the world

    You really can feel it though, when people have a sencerity in their voice that they are your friend. I just dont like it when i dont sense that...and i think thats when i talk the most, when i dont feel teh love. :O Well not all the time. I talk alot when im having fun too...actually what i just said is probibly the complete oposite when i think about it. When i dont feel truth in a relationship i think i keep my mouth shut and just clam-up into nothing...but i also do that when im nervous...*shrug* there are so many exeptions to the rules...

    oh and if this message has seemed extra mushy or something (i cant tell at the moment) ...its probibly just a mood with it ill be back to normal tomorrow ^^ I LAFF YOU.

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2004-05-26 17:12 (link)
I laff you, too, Shauna!

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